TEMPLE — It is unclear exactly how many signatures Matilda “Mari” Paul will have to collect on a petition to recall all Temple City Council members, but it is known that 30 percent or more of all the registered voters in Temple would have to sign the petition in order to recall Mayor Danny Dunn.

According to Temple’s city charter, the petition would need to have the signatures of 30 percent or more of all the registered voters in each district to recall council members Judy Morales, Tim Davis, Perry Cloud and Russell Schneider.

Overall, Temple has 37,123 registered voters, according to Melinda Luedecky, assistant election administrator, which means Paul would have to collect more than 11,100 signatures to initiate a recall election against Dunn.

Shawn Snyder, elections administrator, said a breakdown of the number of voters per district wasn’t available because the numbers “have not been defined yet.”

Paul will have 30 days to get the signed petition back to City Secretary Lacey Borgeson, the charter said.

Paul hand-delivered a letter to Borgeson on Monday afternoon that notified the city she was going to circulate a petition to get signatures for a recall election. The letter demands that the mayor and council members “step down and allow Temple residents to have proper representation.”

The city received the letter, spokeswoman Shannon Gowan confirmed.

Paul said she tried to get clarification about Section 5.2 of the charter that deals with how many signatures are needed for recall petitions.

Numbers of registered voters in the city’s districts were not immediately available.

The petition will be ready to sign at Thursday’s 5 p.m. council meeting, Paul said. After that, she will be collecting signatures at Miller Park on Saturday and Lions Park on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., she said. People’s opinions are important to her, Paul said. She began a Facebook page called Bell County Citizens for Integrity so people can keep up with what’s going on in the recall movement.

Morales, former director of the Help Center, is being investigated for using county resources during her City Council campaign and asking Paul, a former subordinate, to delete emails sought under the state’s open records act.

Paul’s letter cited misconduct and malfeasance in office, noncompliance of Section 4.9 of the city charter, cronyism, neglect and clear incompetence and betrayal of public trust.

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