As early voting began this week for the March 4 Republican primary, the two candidates for the District 55 seat in the Texas House of Representatives visited the Herald to share their views on issues affecting Central Texas voters.

Incumbent state Rep. Ralph Sheffield, of Temple, stressed his record as he runs for re-election for a fourth term.

“I’m a proven leader,” Sheffield said. “Since I’ve been in the House, we’ve had the most conservative record in Texas history.”

He cited legislation regarding abortion and voter ID restrictions as successful work during the past six years, along with his continued concern for veterans and energy issues.

Sheffield emphasized his accessibility, along with his personal experience as a 40-year Bell County small-business owner. Sheffield’s primary challenger, Molly S. White, of Belton, described herself as a grass-roots political activist who has spent 13 years working with leading conservative groups on legislation, running for election because of her concern for the state.

“We live in the best state in the country, but we’re under attack by the liberals and Democrats (trying) to change this state from red to blue,” White said.

White sees the economy, spending and debt concerns as the major challenges for Texans today. She named specific bills voted for by Sheffield as detriments to residents of District 55, along with federal legislation including “Obamacare.”

White also is passionate about protecting the Second Amendment.

“I don’t even think people should have to have a license to carry a gun because that’s unconstitutional,” White said.

Both candidates touched on the region’s ongoing water issues and the need for higher education.

White expressed disappointment in Sheffield’s decision not to participate in a debate she proposed earlier this week.

“I believe every candidate should have the opportunity to talk to voters about issues and qualifications. (Sheffield) has a record; he needs to defend his record,” White said.

Sheffield said he only received the request for a debate a week in advance.

“If there was to be a debate, it should be by a bipartisan group, not by a group that’s endorsing her. My time can be better utilized making phone calls on the first day of early voting,” Sheffield said.

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Pro LIfe ( until the child is born ,then the heck with giving the child a good education)
And also Pro gun NRA nut case . He is too stupid to realize guns kill and all the religious bullies whom vote for him can't see the forest because of all them trees ( or guns) that killing for any reason is evil. and not holy.

He supports the 2nd amendment but like the Taliban don' think women should have any rights at all .

because like most of the Holy GOP he supports the Bible view that women are the root of all evil .And he and the rest of the Texas GOP is on a mission to punish women. Like all the GOP he refuse to realize women have Rights .

I am not a Obama fan but I hope to vote him out of office I am voting straight Democrat as the Democrats don't want to rule by the Bible..And the Dam NRA.


You are an employer interviewing prospective employees. You have an applicant not show up and claim you are not qualified to hear his views if you decide to hire him. Would you then hire him? That is exactly what Sheffield has done. Seem rather arrogant to me that he is unwilling to discuss his views on issues with the people that hired him. Also seems to me that is an excellent reason to fire him.


Posted April 3rd 2008---


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