The Lampasas City Council on Monday approved spending extra money for repairs on the Spring Street water tank.

LAMPASAS — City officials approved spending an extra $55,800 to repair Spring Street water tank’s damaged roof in the coming weeks.

Three months into repairs to better improve the tank’s efficiency, an extensively damaged roof was found when workers began sandblasting the inside of the tank, said Phil Andreas, public works director for Lampasas.

The workers found damage to the tank’s 21 remaining roof rafters that will require replacing, Andreas said, and there is limited metal remaining on the roof and visible holes.

“There was an allotment of $4,000 to account to deal with unanticipated minor repair work ... and we’ve got to make a decision here to do some significant short-term repairs and go replace the roof at a later date over the next several years, or replace the roof now,” Andreas said, addressing council members.

The tank is one of three major water tanks in Lampasas, said Finley DeGraffenried, city manager. The two additional main tanks currently in use are the Nix and the Georgetown tanks, each on correspondingly named streets.

The Spring Street tank was taken out of service when renovations began around three months ago.

The damage to the roof, however, was there previously.

City officials said it was hard to tell the extent of the roof damage before construction began.

Officials said the damage to the roof was normal wear and tear that was probably caused over time by a natural corrosion process that might occur when a metal roof is above water that also contains chemicals.

“We budgeted $310,000 this year for the project, and we’ve committed $243,000 of the $310,000,” Andreas said.

The renovations are projected to finish in around three weeks, Andreas said.

The updates hopefully will extend the tank’s period of use significantly, he said.

Officials also voted to cancel the city election scheduled for May 10. The three running council members remained unopposed.

Therefore, Chuck Williamson, Misti Talbert and Mike White were appointed to hold City Council positions 3, 4 and 5, respectively. Williamson will replace current council member Robert McCauley. Talbert will replace current member TJ Munroe.

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