SALADO — The board of aldermen approved an offer from Clawson Disposal to provide curbside recycling bins to village residents and also approved a cooperative purchasing agreement with the Texas Can Academy.

About half of village residents use a disposal company named Eagle to pick up trash at the curb; the remainder of the residents already use Clawson Disposal, which has offered to place recycling bins in front of customers’ homes at no extra charge. Most area businesses have arrangements with various recycling companies and use neither Eagle nor Clawson.

Alderman Amber Preston Dankert explained that although Eagle does not offer recycling services to residential customers, those people who do use Eagle and still want to recycle can call Clawson to obtain recycling services.

Alderman Hans Fielder raised concerns that some residents have told him that the village seemed to be promoting Clawson because these residents believe they do not have a choice about whether they wish to have a recycling bin placed in front of their homes.

Preston Dankert responded that residents who do not wish to use Clawson may call the company with instructions not to place bins at their curbs.

Clawson will provide single-stream recycling, which means all recyclable waste, such as paper, plastics, metals and other containers can be placed in one bin with no sorting. Customers can expect to receive their 95-gallon, green containers labeled ACDI Recycle about the first week of July. Recycling will be collected on the same pick-up day as garbage, but recycling bins will be collected every other week rather than weekly.

Other matters

The interlocal agreement Alderman approved with the Texas Can Academy is a “win-win for the village,” according to Fred Brown, Salado’s mayor pro tem who also serves as a registered lobbyist representing Texas Can Academy in Austin.

“It will allow small school districts who can’t afford to buy from the Regional Education Service Centers to purchase things in bulk,” Brown said. “It’s a win-win for the village; there will be no liability and the village will get a 20 percent commission.”

The board postponed a decision concerning where to place the village’s trademark mermaid statue, “Sirena,” because the wording on the agenda prohibited the alderman from deciding the matter during Thursday’s meeting.

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