The Democratic candidate for Texas attorney general stopped at the party’s Bell County headquarters Saturday to campaign.

Introducing himself to the 20 to 30 people in the room, Sam Houston said he wanted to put his 27 years of experience as a lawyer and the time working in a family store in Colorado City to work in the attorney general’s office.

The office is supposed to represent the people and Republican Greg Abbott, the current attorney general, has not done that, Houston said.

“Everybody counts, but right now in the attorney general office, you’ve not seen everyone count,” he said. “Greg Abbott has taken the people’s law firm and turned it into the law firm of the Republican Party.”

Houston will face state Sen. Ken Paxton, R-McKinney, for the office in the Nov. 4 election. Abbott is running for governor against Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis.

If elected, Houston said he would look at ending several of the state’s lawsuits against the federal government, work to end a legal battle about public education funding and look to protect all Texans’ rights.

“Just think about how bad of a policy it is to sue yourself,” Houston said.

Abbott filed millions of dollars worth of lawsuits challenging federal legislation, he said. The state Legislature also took $5.2 billion in funding from public education several ago, which currently has actions pending in the court system.

“What I don’t love is that we are 46th in the U.S. in funding pupils,” Houston said. “We got to get it out of the courts and get back into the legislature.”

During the meeting, fellow party members questioned Houston about Paxton’s violations against the Securities Act and how Paxton can continue to run.

“I want to be fair,” Houston said, noting he hadn’t looked into the issue. But he thanked the Republican party for already saying bad things about Paxton during the primary and last week’s runoff election.

William Rosenberg, 61, of Belton, asked Houston how he would spend his first 180 days in office.

Houston said he would review the structure of the attorney general’s office to ensure it is operating efficiently, take a hard look at federal lawsuits to see which ones can be withdrawn, and work end the education funding lawsuit.

“We got to move forward,” he said.

Also present at the Democratic meeting was Congressional District 31 candidate Louie Minor of Belton. Minor is challenging U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, in November.

Minor didn’t speak formally during Houston’s visit, but wanted to show his support for a fellow candidate.

“This is my home county,” Minor said. “I support his stance especially on education. That is something I will look to support if I am elected.”

As Houston asked for everyone’s support in encouraging a vote for him, many of the members agreed.

“This is a winner, and we need to support him,” said Irene Andrews, a Nolanville Democrat who recently ran for a Bell County Commission seat.

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Sam Houston will get my vote because 1. there is not a Green Party candidate in the running, 2. He is a democrat, and 3. the most important:: he just might give deference to each and both parents before pursuing one for a monetary child support.

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