NOLANVILLE — Several Nolanville residents are running for office in the Nov. 6 municipal election.

Denise Hungerford and Christina Rosenthal are vying for the mayor’s seat, a two-year term that was previously filled by Charlie L. Stewart. His term as mayor was forfeited in September due to meetings he missed while sitting in Bell County Jail on sexual assault charges.

Duane G. Hampton, Robert Meeks and Randy Sammons are running in the special election for the year remaining on the Seat 4 council term. Hampton was appointed to Seat 4 in November after Councilman Miguel A. Aviles resigned. Aviles was arrested on sexual assault charges in October 2011.

Seats 1 and 2 each have one candidate running unopposed for the two-year terms — Dennis Biggs in Seat 1 and Sherese Karlsson in Seat 2.

Denise Hungerford

Age: 57, homemaker

What makes you qualified to serve?

I meet candidate requirements for the November election. When we lived in Pershing Park, I was the fire and safety coordinator for the entire Pershing Park area. I volunteered at the Nolanville food bank for three years and served five consecutive years on the City Council. I was involved in bringing the Bella Charca and Nolan Ridge subdivisions and Cavazos Elementary School into Nolanville.

What should be the city’s budget priority?

I don’t know exactly, because I haven’t been there and don’t know the priorities. But we need to figure out problem points, and in budget meetings meet with each department and find out their priorities. If there’s anything left, then we can work on the wants. The needs have to come first, and we need to be fair.

What is the biggest issue facing the city?

A big issue is communication between departments, city hall and the people. If they want to know why something is happening, tell them. We need to get along, treat people fairly and leave personal agendas at home. We have to be there for the people. I believe the people should be listened to.

Christina Rosenthal

Age: 40, retired

What makes you qualified to serve?

First and foremost, I am a concerned citizen who wants to help my community. Second, I have served in the public interest before as a council member.

What should be the city’s budget priority?

Roads and getting another pumping station so WCID No. 3 can extend its services.

What is the biggest issue facing the city?

Image and beautification. We have a bad image right now. People write horrible comments about Nolanville whenever there is an article printed or a news broadcast. It stings when you hear things like, “Nolanville is a joke” or “You have to be a criminal to be a politician in Nolanville” So much of our past is haunting us but we can’t let the mistakes of others define us as a whole. We have to show people our Nolanville is a great place to live.

Sherese Karlsson

Age: 31, certified nursing assistant

What makes you qualified to serve?

I believe that I am qualified mainly because I am a citizen of Nolanville and I face the same issues as the others. Instead of being on the outside looking in, I can help initiate change from the inside. I may not have any true political experience but everyone has to start somewhere.

What should be the city’s budget priority?

The city’s budget should be focused on the surrounding community — streets, sidewalks and outdoor recreation areas. That is not to say that there may not be other pressing issues that could arise in the near future that would change the focus of the budget. We all want to see our community grow and look better, but working with what we currently have and making it more appealing to the people of Nolanville as well as others will help boost everyone’s view of our town.

What is the biggest issue facing the city?

The biggest issue facing the city at this time is bad press. Once we are able to realign our image and show others that we are a great town and that we cannot all be judged based off a few bad acts, then and only then can things turn around. Currently, we are all making efforts to improve in many areas and only time will tell if those efforts have created any change. Things can only get better from here.

Duane G. Hampton

Age: 41, self-employed

What makes you qualified to serve?

I am currently serving on the City Council.

What should be the city’s budget priority?

I’d like to see the city work on the roads and parks.

What is the biggest issue facing the city?

The biggest issue is the negative publicity from people making bad decisions.

Candidates Dennis Biggs, Randy Samson and Robert Meeks did not respond to requests for information.

Meeks was arrested at his home Oct. 10 on charges of aggravated assault, evading arrest and resisting arrest. The aggravated assault charge was dismissed by the district attorney and Meeks was instead charged with assault with bodily injury to a family member, according to the Nolanville Police Department.

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