The Killeen City Council has a packed agenda for its workshop meeting Tuesday night.

The council is slated to receive and discuss a solid waste master plan that was developed to provide a comprehensive analysis of solid waste operations and act as a plan for the department’s future. The plan also will address recycling programs.

In March, the council hired SCS Engineers for $140,000 to develop the master plan and a rate model.

Upon hiring the firm earlier this year, City Manager Glenn Morrison said the plan should give the council “better information” in regard to rolling out a recycling program, and a mandatory system versus a voluntary system.

“The objective of the rate plan process is to analyze and provide the best and most information possible to allow (the) city council to move forward or consider various different initiatives,” said Scott Osburn, city public works director. “This plan will analyze where the city is at, where the city wants to be in the future and the actions necessary to get the city to that point.”

Osburn said in March that the recycling component of the master plan will analyze the implementation of a single-stream program using a single cart system and multicart system.

Budget talks

The council also is slated to continue budget discussions for the 2015 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.

The body is slated to discuss the solid waste fund, water and sewer fund, the drainage utility fund and outside agencies.

The solid waste fund proposes a beginning fund balance of $2.96 million, more than $500,000 less than the estimated totals for the 2014 fiscal year, which estimates $3.46 million. Revenues in the fund are expected to hold steady from the current fiscal year at $19.1 million.

Expenditures are slightly down from an estimated $16 million in the current fiscal year to $15.7 million in the proposed budget.

The water and sewer fund shows a $9.5 million decrease in its beginning fund balance in the proposed budget with $16.23 million proposed for the 2015 fiscal year. The estimated total to the current fiscal year is $25.76 million.

Revenues drop in the proposed budget from $62.9 million to $55.64 million — a $7.25 million decrease.

Expenditures are down in the proposed budget from an estimated $46.6 million to $42.1 million — a $4.5 million drop.

The drainage utility fund’s beginning balance decreased from an estimated $7.64 million in the current fiscal year to $6.33 million in the proposed budget — a $1.3 million difference.

Revenues are estimated to drop $1.25 million from an estimated $11.48 million to $10.22 million.

Expenditures show an estimated $2.3 million increase from $5.1 million to $7.4 million.

The budget is slated for adoption Sept. 9.

The workshop begins at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the utility collections conference room, 201 W. Avenue C.

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The city manager, mayor, and council are at it again. We don't have enough expenditures, we have to hire a consulting firm, SCS Engineers, to the tune of $140,000.00, to tell us what we should be doing with our solid waste elimination. You could have just talked to Cove and saved another $140,000.00. In my personal opinion, this city is a wonder at spending other peoples money.
Now as to the budget,
what is 'outside agencies anyways'? Copy: 'The body is slated to discuss the solid waste fund, water and sewer fund, the drainage utility fund and outside agencies.' End of copy.
Copy from another statement from an earlier time period – approximately 6 weeks ago:
'Obviously, the cost of a raise for nearly 1,200 employees doesn’t come cheaply. In order to cover the pay increase for the next 3½ months, the city will have to shell out an additional $547,000. Funding will come from several sources — the general fund, aviation fund, solid waste fund, water and sewer fund, drainage fund and special revenues fund.' End of copy.
Now where is the budget shortfall?
In the proposed budget, they only say that 'Expenditures are down'. Why and in what areas? It's strange that they do not specify 'what expenditures.
One of the 1% who voted.

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