TEMPLE — City Manager David Blackburn, who has been with the city since April 2005, announced he is resigning his position and retiring, effective Aug. 28.

“After almost 10 years as your city manager, and almost 30 years in local government service, I think it is time to pursue other interests,” he said.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be Temple’s city manager since April of 2005. I cannot adequately convey in words what a humbling experience it has been. Over the past 10 years or so, I have had the privilege to observe a dynamic, growing community.

“The strides the community has made in improving our infrastructure and our quality of place are nothing short of amazing. It has truly been a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to steward this organization and this community during this time.”

His goal, Blackburn said was “to leave this place better than I found it.”

“It is my hope and prayer that such a statement might be worthy of my time as city manager. For if such can be said, then I will consider my duties fulfilled and stand down my watch.”

Blackburn thanked the mayor and council members past and present for their dedication, trust and confidence.

“Thank you for your vision and leadership. You have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me and to the staff,” he said.

He also thanked the city’s employees for their “dedication” and “passion.”

“The most valuable asset of the organization isn’t our bricks or mortar or cars or trucks … it is you,” Blackburn said. “I believe we have some of the best people anywhere. It has been my honor to have been able to have served this community with you.”

Each member of the Temple City Council expressed appreciation for Blackburn’s service.

“David is a dear friend and I will miss working with him on a daily basis,” Mayor Danny Dunn said. “Under David’s management, Temple has thrived and will continue to prosper thanks to his vision.”

Temple Communications Director Shannon Gowan said the council hasn’t yet decided who will replace Blackburn, or the timeframe for doing so.

The council will discuss that in the coming weeks, she said.

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