WASHINGTON— A bipartisan House group that’s been working in secret to write a comprehensive immigration bill splintered Friday with the departure of two Republicans, the latest sign of difficulty in solving the contentious issue.

Texas Reps. John Carter and Sam Johnson said they can no longer be part of the effort because they don’t trust President Barack Obama to enforce any legislation they write.

Their move may amount to the end of the group, which even before Friday’s development had failed to produce a final product after months of delay.

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida is now the sole Republican with four Democrats involved in the effort. Another Republican, Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho, departed the group several months ago.

A joint statement from Johnson and Carter underscored how the thorny immigration issue is made even tougher by partisan politics on Capitol Hill and the distrust many House Republicans have for Obama.

“The administration’s practice of hand-picking what parts of laws they wish to enforce has irrevocably damaged our efforts of fixing our broken immigration system,” their statement said.

“If past actions are the best indicators of future behavior, we know that any measure depending on the president’s enforcement will not be faithfully executed. It would be gravely irresponsible to further empower this administration by granting them additional authority or discretion with a new immigration system,” they said. “The bottom line is — the American people do not trust the president to enforce laws, and we don’t either.

However, it’s not clear the development will have much of an impact on what the House does with respect to immigration, since House Republican leaders already made clear they planned to proceed with a step-by-step approach, not with a single big bill like Johnson and Carter’s group had working on or like the Senate passed in June.

The group’s failure to deliver had already made it largely an afterthought in the House, where the Judiciary Committee has moved forward with individual, single-issue immigration bills that could come to the House floor sometime later this year or next. For now, immigration is on the back burner as Congress confronts pressing deadlines over the budget and federal debt.

The Senate bill, strongly backed by the White House, includes billions for border security, a reworked legal immigration system to allow tens of thousands of high- and low-skilled workers into the country, and a 13-year path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants already here illegally. The bill being written by the House working group, which was said to be largely complete, proceeded along similar lines, although with a somewhat longer path to citizenship and other, tougher elements.

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In just a few years Obama has brought America to her knees. He left Americans to die in Benghazi, aided terrorists with money and weapons, spied on Americans and collapsed our country financially. Still, he wants to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Even to releasing dangerous foreign nationals back on the streets and that his minions sending out secret directives not to arrest certain illegal’s. Giving freebies to everybody without restrictions and raising the federal debt ceiling near on 18 Trillion dollars. If we deport all illegal immigrants, it will stop the overcrowding of our schools, completely return to normal a few people using the emergency health care system, or stop the hundred billion dollar feedings from the financial trough. We cannot afford subsidizing illegal aliens anymore; both political parties are to blame for this nightmare of emptying the state and federal treasuries. Our government is so much trouble financially, that we are loaning money from other countries to pay our debts.

Learn where your taxes are being forcibly going at numbersusa.com, judicialwatch.org & teaparty.org/ Call your Senators or House Representatives and demand an end the Affordable Care Act Obamacare. Ted Cruz has seized the Senate floor in the epic battle to obliterate Obamacare—vowing to speak for you and me and all the little people—until he can no longer stand. You also must be are that illegal aliens will get a free ride eventually in Obamacare. Your taxes will also pay for that too?

An example would be the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, one payer system. Once upon a time it worked extremely well, until the United Kingdom was forced by immigration into the European market with the importation of foreigners from poor countries. The failure of Britain’s healthcare system began in 1968.

Sen. Ted Cruz's mission was to hammer Senate Republicans to alter their vote and therefore de-funding Obamacare. Now I know Obama and Reid and they'll try and force a government shut down and blame Republicans just so they can shove Obamacare down our throats. Ironic isn't it. When Congress EXEMPTED Congress from Obamacare but is forcing this obscenity on us, using the IRS to strong arm us. Folks, this is wrong. We must fight back until we bleed exhaustion. It's the only way out.

This is our moment! Rise up against Congress to de-funding Obamacare. The final vote is coming and every second counts. We must stop the GOP from siding with the Democrats.


Super plea for the people and the welfare of the country.

Carter was able to see the light on the illegal issue ,(after his constituents were FORCED to argue about it with him for months) but I believe it was finally seem, that the people were not going to back someone in the future, who was able to turn on those who had been loyal to them in the past .That was the reason for the sudden removal from the group of 7 or 8 or whatever they called themselves.

Any who were defending the illegal issue were doing it in defense of strangers from another land against their own people.
That is a hard thing to forget and many of us will not forget it. Many of us only believe in loyalty.

As DFrancis has stated, We must band together as we have done during this immigration farce the politicians have come up with and fight the Obamacare farce also. That's what its all about, looking out for # 1, themselves or Washington friends in so many cases of decisions some Washington politicians have made.
How can all they say be right about Obamacare, when we have a majority of the 300+ million in the country say they are wrong.

The obamacare bill was written in a lot of mumbo jumbo terms by lawyers knowing, the majority of citizens would not understand,and they took advantage of that lack of knowledge.

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