With three at-large seats to be filled on the Gatesville Independent School District School Board, 14 individuals filed as candidates.

Katherine Lowrey Sullivant withdrew from the race Oct. 18, due to health issues. Her name will still appear on the ballot, however.

The candidates are Lisbeth Appelman, incumbent; Deborah Crosby Ford, incumbent; Stephen Norris, incumbent; Charles Alderson; Lisa Pruitt Bankhead; Joseph Campbell; Ryan Coggins; Rob Erwin; Tony Fernandez; David Fincher; Stephen Minton; Bruce Thoms and John Westbrook.

Alderson served 50 years in public education, 40 of which were with Gatesville ISD as a teacher and administrator.

Appelman has served on the GISD school board for the past six years, implementing improvements in the areas of curriculum and facilities.

Bankhead said she can create new ideas as well as offer encouragement and guidance to re-implement some of the past criteria.

Campbell said he can bring a new voice to the board.

Gatesville High School senior Coggins said he can represent students because he is one.

Erwin has served on the board previously.

Fernandez said people should vote for him for no other reason than his sheer desire and ambition to be the best representative.

Ford has a master’s degree in education and more than 20 years experience as a public school teacher and counselor.

Minton said he would be a good addition to the board because he pays attention to details.

Norris has served on the GISD Board of Trustees for 33 years, many as president,

Thoms said his years in the military, government, corporate America, and working with the school, will bring detailed planning and solutions.

Westbrook said he is focused on student achievement, staff support, and fiscal responsibility with taxpayer funds.

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