Herald/CHRISTINA KRUSE - Louis Common holds a sign and a rosary during the Life Chain event alongside W.S. Young Drive in Killeen on Sunday.

By Don Bolding

Killeen Daily Herald

Organizers were expecting up to 150 people from a dozen or so churches to participate in the annual Life Chain of the Central Texas Voices for Life Sunday afternoon along W.S. Young Drive north and south of Central Texas Expressway.

"We always just put out the word to as many churches as we can to tell people where to be," said CTVL prayer committee chairwoman Linda Busti, who was equipping people with signs south of the freeway along with CTVL chairman Dennis DeWine. "We feel interest is growing, and we need it more than ever with some of the policies promoted by the administration in Washington."

Another group was supplying signs to people just north of the freeway. Participants were to stand several feet apart to reach as far as they could.

Some of the signs read: "Jesus, Protect and Save the Unborn," "Women Do Regret Abortion," "Men Regret Lost Fatherhood," "United We Stand for Life" and "A Nation That Kills Its Children Is a Nation Without Hope," a quote from Pope John Paul II.

Inge Rodriguez, from St. Paul Hasang Catholic Church in Harker Heights, said she has participated in the event for five years.

Pointing to the clear sky, she said, "It was raining last year. People were out here anyway, but we'll probably get more participants now."

The biggest problem Sunday was keeping the stiff breezes from blowing the handheld signs away.

"A lot of young people don't know that there's an abortion provider here and don't care," she said. "But this event is growing, and I think awareness is growing. We just have to keep trying."

One young person who did know and care, one of several youth lined up to get signs, was Aliese Hyde, 17, also of St. Paul Hasang. She said she was participating for the first time.

The Life Chain is part of a nationwide event planned by Voices for Life near the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision 37 years ago that essentially legalized abortion.

Other activities of the CTVL include a Holy Hour of Prayer for Life every Thursday, weekly prayers near the women's health clinic on South W.S. Young Drive, education with pro-life materials at youth groups, schools and church organizations and video presentations to ministry groups.

Busti can be reached at (254) 289-7511 or andy_linda.busti@centexvoicesforlife.org.

DeWine is available at (254) 681-6812 or dennis.dewine@centexvoicesforlife.org.

Contact Don Bolding at dbolding@kdhnews.com or call (254) 501-7557. Follow him on Twitter at KDHbusiness.

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