BELTON — The City Council gave a unanimous thumbs down for the proposed development of a subdivision along Boxer Road on Tuesday.

Council members decided the Chisholm Trail West Subdivision, previously approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, would interfere with the proposed lake-to-lake road that has been in the planning stages for a decade, which aims to connect Morgan’s Point Resort with Salado. In addition, the proposed subdivision doesn’t comply with numerous ordinance standards regarding water and sewage, and also is outside the city limits.

With the property’s developers and the property owner present, council members discussed the subdivision in a workshop before the council meeting.

“This is unusual for city staff to be averse to the zoning and planning commission,” City Manager Sam Listi said.

Legally, the road cannot interfere with an established neighborhood along Boxer Road, which is occupied by residents who are not in a high-income bracket. However, repositioning the road might jeopardize federal and state funds the roadway project might receive. Council members agreed they needed better communication between the city staff and the commission, which, when it initially approved the Chisholm Trail project, did not have information about the legal constraints that prevent new construction, such as roadways, from disrupting neighborhoods occupied by families who are not high income.

During the workshop, council members decided that the project would have to wait until city staff, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Belton Planning and Zoning Commission discussed issues about the proposed subdivision, the existing subdivision and the road’s placement.

“We need to thread the needle as much as possible,” said Listi, regarding the road’s potential placement.

“I’ve lost sleep about this,” said Mayor Jim Covington during the workshop. “It’s very important to be sure we get this right.”

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