By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

It's been a month since the 12 council candidates filed for one of the four open seats on the council, which means the candidates were required to turn in their first month's campaign finance reports Thursday.

After a month, District 3 candidate JoAnn Purser has received $3,400 in campaign contributions.

That number is $1,500 more than the runner-up in financing, District 2 councilman Juan Rivera, who pulled in a little more than $1,900.

Just behind Rivera is his opponent in District 2, Dick Young, who reeled in $1,500.

Every contribution received by Rivera and Young comes from Killeen addresses.

Of Purser's 42 listed contributions, 25 list a Killeen residence, and 10 others are from Harker Heights; the remaining seven are scattered among Belton, Temple and Salado.

Purser has spent a couple of hundred more than she received as of the filing date; the bulk of her money was used in a single $3,000 purchase for political signage.Purser is second in expenditures.

District 4 Councilman Otis Evans pulled in the fourth-highest total in campaign funds with $1,250, but has spent $3,846 on an extensive list of supplies, political signs and media advertisements.

District 3 candidate Bernardine Martin reported $675 in contributions and $939 in expenditures.

Fellow District 3 candidate John Doranski reported $535 in contributions and a little more than $800 in expenditures.

District 1 Councilman Kenny Wells received $150 and spent about $400; his opponent, Ed Lindsay, reported no contributions and $175 in expenditures.

District 4 candidate Ralph Cossey Jr. reported $25 incoming, and has spent $657.

In the first deadline for the candidates, all but two, District 4 candidate Ernest Wilkerson and District 3 candidate Harold Butchart, turned in their reports.

Wilkerson said Saturday that his reports will be turned in on Monday when his campaign treasurer returns, and he and the campaign have access to all the necessary materials.

Butchart said Saturday that he didn't receive more than $500, and no single contribution above $50, and said he's not required to file if his numbers are below those figures.

District 4 candidate Keith Gavin, out of town for the month of March, is filing an amended return since he has not been in town long enough to do much campaigning.

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