LAMPASAS — Lampasas County voters should be on the lookout for new voter registration cards.

Officials with the county elections office mailed approximately 11,523 cards to area voters last week. However, as of Friday, a portion of the cards were being returned by the postal service.

“When we did the mass mail-out, we are starting to receive some returned cards if the voter’s address has changed,” said Deputy Elections Administrator Cathy Leons.

When voters receive the new cards, they should check to make sure all information on the cards is correct, Leons said. If a mistake is found, corrections should be made and the cards returned by mail or in person to the county’s voter registration office at 407 S. Pecan St.

County Elections Administrator Randy McGuire said voters are now allowed to make changes by calling the office at 512-556-8271, ext. 206. Voters who don’t receive a card and want to confirm they are registered can go to for confirmation.

“Please remember, don’t mail the card back,” McGuire said. “A lot of people are calling the office asking that question, but the cards are intended for the voters to keep,”

McGuire said Leons updates the voter information on a daily basis, and the elections office will mail out a new card once the corrections are made.

“Cards are reworked every day, so it usually takes only two to three days for someone to receive their new card,” McGuire said. “What happens is, when they come in to vote, we’ll scan the card which brings up the individual voter information. That’s why we need to make corrections now and mail them a new card.”

McGuire said the next election is the March 4 primary, and the cutoff date for registering to vote is Feb. 3.

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