River Ware takes extra caution with honey on display at the Pioneer Farmers Market on Saturday in Killeen.

For more information, go to www.facebook.com/pioneerfarmersmarket.

The Pioneer Farmers Market recently relocated in an effort to reach more customers, an organizer said.

Virginia Kessel said the market set up every weekend at Killeen’s pavilion on Green Avenue. Because of limited traffic in the area, when an opportunity presented itself to relocate, they took it.

“We were given the opportunity to set up at Tractor Supply Company,” she said. “It’s a much better location for us. We have been struggling at the Green Avenue market because we don’t have a lot of traffic in that area. We knew that we could probably do better in another location.”

Kessel said they relocated the market to the Tractor Supply parking lot in October, and it’s proven to be a more successful location.

“The difference in the number of people that come through the market is tenfold,” she said. “It makes a huge difference. The Green Avenue location is really nice and we tried very hard to make it work, but we need the traffic. We put our time, energy and resources into farming, gardening and creating everything that we bring to the market. We need to have some kind of profit out of that.”

Kessel said the market only saw an increase in customers at the Green Avenue location when the city hosted larger events and the market participated.

She is trying to find a second location.

The market is open every first and third Saturday at the Tractor Supply Company parking lot, 2002 E. Central Texas Expressway, Killeen. On the second and fourth Saturday, the market will be at the Green Avenue location. Kessel said the market averages about nine vendors each weekend with baked goods, jewelry, canned goods and other items.

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