A revamped look and new amenities greeted customers Wednesday as McDonald’s store No. 2801 at Fort Hood Street and Central Texas Expressway in Killeen, reopened its doors.

The location underwent an extensive remodel beginning in April, part of a nationwide push by McDonald’s to update its restaurants.

“I think it turned out great,” said Hal Leverson, owner of the restaurant since it was built 50 years ago. “It was well designed, and it all came together very well.”

The location opened to customers just after midnight Wednesday, offering customers $1 Big Macs and $1.99 Happy Meals.

In addition to a more modern look, the location also boasts several features for better customer service, including a double drive-thru lane, digital menus and a new play area for kids.

The remodeled location also features a computerized system that helps employees track and fill orders more efficiently, said Denise Morrison, human resources senior supervisor.

“It’s the latest and greatest in the industry,” Morrison said. “It’s very exciting to see things modernized.”

Mercy Rodriguez, the restaurant’s general manager, agreed with Morrison.

“All the new technology and equipment really helps things run very smoothly,” Rodriguez said. “It’s made a huge difference.”

Morrison said the location’s employees, many of whom are young people, had little trouble learning to work with the new technology.

“The kids love it, and they are very quick learners,” Morrison said. “Technology is something they grew up with, so it almost comes naturally to them.”

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It looks like there are less seats and less parking spaces now, though I didn't have time to count every single one.


Way to go Mc-E-Ds, how when will B-K pick up there game and open more restaurant's?


...extensive remodel ......think the old building was torn down, and replaced by a new structure.


Yes, I wouldn't call this a remodel. The entire structure was demolished and replaced.

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