The investigation that led to the revocation of training privileges for the Bell County Sheriff’s Office shows that Sheriff Eddy Lange received what constituted as illegal training.

A copy of the investigation obtained through an open records request from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education showed Lange received 53 hours of falsified or improper training from the department’s former training lieutenant.

Lange, who won election in November, has since asked to have the training hours scrubbed from his record. The investigation also shows that Lange, before the election, first brought issues with training to the state commission.

On Jan. 31, Lange and County Judge Jon Burrows voluntarily suspended all training activities by the sheriff’s office for two years in order to avoid a permanent revocation by the commission.

The sheriff’s office training coordinator, Lt. Danny Kneese, resigned and surrendered his peace officer’s license.

Kneese oversaw training for the department since 2006. He admitted to improperly performing classes and giving out inadequate lesson plans, according to his sworn statement.

Though Kneese absolves Lange, former Sheriff Dan Smith and anyone else at the sheriff’s office of blame, the agent in charge of the investigation said he was very suspicious of Lange’s involvement and Chief Deputy Chuck Cox’s knowledge of deficient training practices.

An offense report stated Lange promised Kneese a position as jail administrator after Lange’s election became a likelihood. Lange also promised Cox, who was then a lieutenant, the chief deputy position.

The offense report characterized Kneese as an intensely loyal person who had been convinced to be the “fall guy” in the wake of the investigation. It recounted a meeting with Kneese at the commission’s headquarters in Austin in which Kneese gave investigators a sworn affidavit.

Kneese refused to enter the building and handed a typed statement to the

investigator. He told the investigator he had been by Lange’s house before driving to Austin. Lange later confirmed he reviewed Kneese’s statement before it was submitted.

“It is clear to me that (Lange) is coaching ... Kneese, and this is the reason for the disclaimer about Lang (sic) being put into the affidavit,” the investigator stated.

The agent received an anonymous tip Dec. 12 that Lange and his chief deputy had gone to Kneese’s house several times and may have threatened Kneese regarding his statements to the commission.

“This makes sense because in Danny Kneese’s written statement he takes total responsibility for this incident, when it is clear to me that he did not act alone regarding the training given to Eddy Lang (sic),” the investigator stated.

Lange’s training

After Lange won a hotly contested Republican primary runoff, he began to seek training to re-up his peace officer’s license.

Lange, then a county commissioner, previously served as an officer with the Temple Police Department. He quit that job in 1984.

In August, Lange began training. He received credit for a Federal Emergency Management Agency course, crisis intervention training and a new supervisor’s course. However, none of those hours were completed in a classroom.

In Kneese’s affidavit, he stated he would give Lange the coursework in a packet for Lange to take home and complete.

A signed affidavit from Lange stated he questioned Kneese about the training processes.

“He (Kneese) stated that he had an agreement with TCLEOSE that allowed homework to be done and counted as training,” Lange stated.

Lange received his final hours of credit Sept. 5. Soon after, he contacted the commission with concerns about the training. Investigators met with Lange on Oct. 16.

Chief deputy

On Nov. 1, the commission’s deputy director, John Helenburg, and the agent met with then-Sheriff Dan Smith. The investigator assembled a training book, outlining rosters and personal statements of sheriff’s employees with training hours that appeared excessive and fraudulent.

During the meeting, Smith called Cox into his office.

As they recounted their findings, Cox did not appear surprised, had a “non-caring attitude” and showed no interest in the training rosters, the report stated. “I suspect he may have been aware of what was going on all along,” the investigator stated.

Cox stated he had little knowledge of other issues with training, and had not taught a class in a long time. However, records indicated Cox taught at least one course in 2012.

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From what I understand you complete your hours and have to sign a paper that you completed them before its turned in to the state. Evidently Lange wouldn't sign the paper because it showed more hours than he completed. Kneese turned in the hours anyway and Lang informed the State he did not complete those hours.


I read it had been going on for 2 years and Dan Smith was unaware? They all knew about it and they should all have to step down and pay the taxpayers back for any pay received. Lange was on the commissioners court and they have to ok everything and they are all real close so I am sure they all knew what was going on. Dan Smith got all those good record reports about the jail and all from the state and they don't want to say he was wrong or knew anything about this because they might be at fault also. They need to fully investigate Bell County from the top to the bottom.


maybe we need to hold a special election for sheriff since it starts out with issues.


@ The offense report characterized Kneese as an intensely loyal person who had been convinced to be the “fall guy” in the wake of the investigation---

You would have to be an extremely loyal person to be willing to lose your perceived life's work,your reputation, and any monetary benefit that may have been earned from all.
It is hard to accept anyone would want to give up all of that up out of loyalty to another.

Most would think ,a person would have to be fairly stupid to agree to any of it ,if others had also benefited in anyway.
And they will walk away free of any harm other then a cloud of suspicion


Very misleading article. Lange was the one who turned the SO in! They told him he had a bunch of training he knew he didn't have.


Its one thing to be crooked and a liar, but to be crooked and a liar, paid for by the tax payer is another thing. Pathetic.

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