Various pipes commonly used for smoking marijuana or other drugs are seen at a Copperas Cove convenience store earlier this month. A Killeen couple is trying to convince the Killeen City Council to ban the sale of such pipes and similar items.

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Two residents want Killeen to ban the sale of “drug paraphernalia” in convenience stores in the city.

Joshua Hammerslough and Patricia Martinez went before the Killeen City Council on Tuesday, requesting items such as rolling paper, pipes and grinders be banned from being sold in the stores. They addressed the council during the public forum portion of the meeting; no council members responded to their concerns at the meeting.

“Paraphernalia should not be sold near our schools, our day cares and our homes,” Hammerslough said. “There are pipes and smoking materials for the illicit use of substances such a crystal methamphetamines, crack cocaine and marijuana (being sold.)”

Patricia Martinez, who lives with Hammerslough on Grey Fox Trail, said the nearest store to her neighborhood selling the items they want to see banned is a convenience store on Zephyr Road.

“It’s also less than a 10th of a mile from Gateway High School,” she said. “This isn’t the message that we want to send our kids; it’s very conflicting. We tell (our children) to say no to drugs and then we sell these items.”

Martinez said she and Hammerslough aren’t requesting the items be banned in all stores, just that convenience stores and gas stations be prohibited from selling them.

“Anyone using these items to do their own tobacco can go to tobacco stores,” she said. “We feel like (with) the sale of these items in glass cases up at the counter, there is no way to avoid it. Our children have constant exposure to this every time they go to the store to buy a soda or a candy bar.”

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