Coming together to address the needs of the Killeen area by providing workable community solutions was the topic of discussion Saturday morning during the Central Texas Think Tank’s fellowship brunch at Cassandra’s Soulfood and Seafood.

The Central Texas Think Tank is a social action initiative composed of conscientious community members dedicated to researching and understanding issues that are negatively impacting people’s lives and the community, said creator Rhonda Brown.

Brown, instructional specialist for Shoemaker High School, said she was tired of talking about the changes that needed to be made in her community and decided 2013 was the time to put words into action.

“It was determined that before our community can move forward, we must commit to being active participants in addressing community issues,” she said, adding that the first meeting of the think tank was Feb. 9. “Every year my church, the Harker Heights Community Church, has an annual Dr. Martin Luther King Birthday Breakfast where we discuss issues plaguing our communities and that’s when CT3 was born.”

Taking inspiration from King, President Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela, who all had dreams, Brown said the think tank’s goal is to continue moving forward with those dreams and to make changes come to fruition.

“CT3 is an organization comprised of active community advocates who evaluate concerns and with experts, plan and resolve issues concerning society, industry, social issues and more,” said Claudia Brown to the 25 people in attendance. “Our members offer a variety of expertise, from education, health care, technology and finance. The CT3 intends to engage in advocacy, social policy and political strategies to promote social and/or economic reforms through research and data collection.”

CT3 membership is open to anyone willing to put in the commitment. It meets the second Saturday of every month from noon to 2 p.m. at the Harker Heights Community Church, 202 E. Beeline.

To learn more, go to

Contact Vanessa Lynch at or 254-501-7567.

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