By Brandon Janes

Killeen Daily Herald

Two water mains broke in Killeen this week, bringing down water pressure and setting off boil-water notices for homes in several neighborhoods in the southern portion of town.

The subdivision of Splawn Ranch, located along Texas Highway 195, was the most populated area affected by Tuesday's break.

Nicole Stith, who lives at Splawn Ranch with her roommate, said she switched to bottled water Tuesday after she felt her water pressure drop about 50 percent.

"I hope they get it fixed soon," Stith said. "We need the water to take showers and keep everything clean."

The water line breaks are often caused by extreme temperatures — either cold or hot — combined with dry weather.

When the ground dries, it can crack and shift, changing pressure on underground pipes and sometimes causing breaks, said Killeen director of public information Hilary Shine.

"Water line breaks are not uncommon," Shine said. "They happen periodically, and for a variety of reasons, one of which is weather."

While the cause of Tuesday's break has not been determined, Shine said a number of water line breaks during last year's drought and Sunday's break were most likely caused by the arid soil.

Both water mains are now repaired; however, residents living within the perimeter of Stagecoach Road and Chaparral Road, from Taylor Renee Drive in Splawn Ranch west to Texas Highway 195, are advised to boil their drinking water for the next 48 to 72 hours.

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