By Mason W. Canales

Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS – Sarah Rodriguez, Parks and Recreation activities specialist, helps run the day-to-day operations of the city's Activities Center and more.

She manages the facilities calendar, shows off the building and helps organizations with the events they run at the center. She also helps with Parks and Recreation and other city departments with event planning.

Rodriguez started working for the city in December, which she said started her off with probably the busiest time of year.

"It has been good," she said. "I got to see the busy times and the slow times. (The job) is fun, and the people are really nice that I am working with."

But there are other city projects that Rodriguez is excited to be working on. One is the creation of the city's first farmer's market. She has been working on the project with the City's Activities Center Coordinator Heather Cox. The two are hoping to run it once a month from June through October.

"We are really passionate about showcasing that kind of market," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is from Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from Iowa State University in 2004 with a degree in Spanish and business

management. She met her husband while in college, and he is stationed at Fort Hood.

When people typically think of Texas farmers they think of cows, and that is not the case, she said.

"It has been interesting to learn what is grown in Texas that I didn't know about," Rodriguez said.

Peaches were one of the fruits that she learned is popular in Texas orchards.

When Rodriguez is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs and three cats, she said.

Almost all of them are adopted animals, she said. And while the cats are just cats, the dogs can keep her busy.

"Throwing the ball for the dogs can last all day," she said. "Keeping the dogs entertained is the most of I what I do right now."

The dogs will soon be coming second, as she and her husband are expecting their first child in August.

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