SALADO — The Board of Aldermen voted to put liquor on the May 10 ballot. The unanimous vote at the board’s Thursday night meeting allows village residents to decide the fate of the sale of alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption.

“The resolution is about whether or not someone can open a liquor store,” said Bryan Fritch, Salado’s mayor pro tem. “Not whether someone can open a bar or restaurant that sells hard liquor.”

Fritch said if the resolution passes, an individual wanting to open a liquor store “will still have to go to the state and get all the licenses.”

Village administrator Jim Reed said passing the resolution will not impact anything already on the books, and that businesses will be bound by the village’s ordinances zoning the sale of alcoholic beverages.

“Like being 300 feet from a school,” Salado Mayor Danney McCort said. Discussion about the issue produced some confusion and prompted Salado resident Tim Fleishcer to take it upon himself to clarify the issue.

“This doesn’t allow a bar to open. This doesn’t allow a grocery store to sell liquor,” Fleischer said. “Grocery stores don’t want to be in the liquor business for a few reasons.”

The board also took up the village’s sign ordinance, enforcement of which caused problems with Salado’s businesses.

Alderman Fred Brown said complaints came from shopkeepers, whose sandwich board signs were taken down by the village’s code enforcement officer.

Chief Jack Hensley of the Salado Police Department informed the board that part of the problem was the current ordinance required business owners to take down sandwich board signs when they closed.

“Some of the business owners just refuse to do it,” Hensley said. “We don’t take the signs; we just put them in front or on the side of their business.”

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