By Sonya Campbell

Killeen Daily Herald

SALADO - As daylight turns to darkness Saturday and Sunday, the tranquility of Salado's Tablerock Walking Trail will give way to terrifying screams.

That's because the scenic walkway will morph into a fright trail from 7:30 to 10 p.m. that features horror scenes straight out of the classics, including Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Fans of fright will be guided on 30-minute tours and can expect to see such mythical characters as The Headless Horseman, Dracula and The Invisible Man.

They also will be introduced to Alice in Wonderland, Billy Goat Gruff and the troll who guards the bridge, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, and elves and blithe spirits.

In addition to getting a bit of a scare, visitors will be provided with information about the authors of the various fairy tales.

Jackie Mills, who came up with the idea of the fright trail, said adding a few details about the authors was her way of incorporating an educational element into the event.

A cast of roughly 60 ages 5 to 80 will help bring the scenes to life.

Cast members include drama students from Baylor University, Mills said.

Educators from Salado, Belton and surrounding areas also assisted with the effort.

The fright trail, sponsored by Tablerock Festival of Salado and the Goodnight Amphitheater, is celebrating its 10th year.

Proceeds from the annual fundraiser will help pay for construction projects at the theater.

Admission is $5 per adult and $3 per child.

Snacks, drinks and "smelling salts" will be available at the concession stand, Mills said.

The Tablerock Walking Trail is at 409 Royal St., three blocks from downtown Salado.

Visitors can wear costumes. Mills said she's seen children and adults wear costumes when walking the fright trail in past years.

For more information about the event or the theater, call (254) 947-9205, e-mail or go to online at

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