SALADO — A Salado subcommittee is scheduled to meet later this month in the hopes of building a comprehensive master plan to drive economic development on the west side of Interstate 35.

Developing a plan for the future of the western end of Salado is one of a handful of issues assigned to various village subcommittees. Other issues include a future sewer system and a roadmap for annexations.

The Salado Board of Aldermen could pursue a few options to shape the development west of I-35, such as re-assessing land use patterns and zoning, or approving overlay design criteria, architectural guidelines, and park and sidewalk treatments, City Administrator Jim Reed told the board recently.

Passing a temporary moratorium on building development on the west side, creating an overlay district that would require developers to meet certain requirements concerning transportation flow, sidewalk connectivity or consistency with adjacent land uses, or perhaps changing the zoning in the area are all options expected to be discussed by the committee later this month.

With the help of a city administrator, the organized approach to the master plan, as well as issues related to a sewer system and annexations, has allowed the village to move ahead with issues that often have been stymied by circular debate in the past, Alderman Michael McDougal said.

“It’s been moving things along faster than it has in the past,” McDougal said.

The goal of the comprehensive plan committee is to discuss and recommend ways to attract compatible businesses and economic development in one of the village’s lone growth areas with enough acreage to accommodate future businesses.

Offering tax abatements to attract businesses into the area could be one way for Salado to compete with comparable cities in the future, McDougal said. “You’ve got to give enterprise options in deciding which place they want to choose,” he said. “We want to give them the best options.”

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