CAMERON — Residents received a firsthand look at personalized bronze sculptures created by Salado sculptor Troy Kelley to honor the 13 people killed during the Nov. 5, 2009, shooting at Fort Hood.

Kelley designed and formulated the symbolism for the sculptures depicting each victim’s interest using information he received from family members.

Sculptures and photographs of the victims were displayed at Beverly Angell’s Mercantile Bistro in early December.

It was the first chance for members of the public to view all of the sculptures outside Killeen.

Her restaurant was selected because Michael Cahill of Cameron, the only civilian to die in the shooting, frequented her business and they became close friends through their community theater work. Kelley visited the business several months ago and saw it as a possible location to hold the exhibit.

The physician assistant’s sculpture consisted of a coffee cup he was seldom without, three of his favorite books because he was a voracious reader and a stethoscope draped around the books.

“These are three of the things that meant the most to him,” said Joleen Cahill, Michael Cahill’s wife.

Cahill is a hero because he was the first to try to take out the shooter with a chair and he received a medal for his bravery, Kelley said.

The Vietnam veteran considers the sculptures the heart of the Fort Hood memorial he designed.

The open-air pavilion will be constructed in Killeen on W.S. Young Drive between the Shilo Inn and the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. Names of the 32 people who were wounded that day will be included in the memorial.

Construction on the memorial is scheduled to start in late 2014.

“The SPJST has been a driving force behind it and has been supportive of it,” Kelley said. “The memorial will be open 24 hours a day to the public.”

The memorial will cost an estimated $420,000 with $165,000 raised.

Contributions can be mailed to November 5, 2009 Fort Hood Memorial, Killeen Volunteers Inc., P.O. Box 1329, Killeen, TX 76540.

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