A Fort Hood sergeant is in custody in Austin after being tied to the sexual assault of a woman during the South by Southwest Festival in March.

Police charged 23-year-old Jeremy Bolen with sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. Bolen is a sergeant in the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.

Police arrested Bolen on Wednesday in Killeen. He is being held in Travis County Jail with bail set at $100,000.

Austin police believe Bolen helped his roommate, 28-year-old Michael Clifton Broughton, abduct and rape a woman in East Austin in the early morning hours of March 16.

The woman had been riding a bike when Bolen and Broughton drove by in a pickup truck. After spotting the woman, they coordinated to abduct her, arrest affidavits stated.

They drove past her, and Bolen got out of the car at the end of the street. Broughton then drove the car around the block and behind the alleged victim.

Broughton grabbed the woman from behind and forced her into the truck.

Bolen then drove the car while Broughton raped the woman, the affidavits stated.

Police arrested Broughton in April after recovering a DNA sample and matching it to one previously on file. Broughton confessed and named Bolen as his accomplice, the affidavits stated.

Bolen denied any involvement, but later implicated himself during a recorded phone call with Broughton.

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