The day after Christmas held steady in the greater Killeen area as being one of the busier shopping days of the year for local retailers.

Stores were buzzing with shoppers returning Christmas gifts and cashing in on post-holiday sales.

Jennifer Rosset said she was in town from Brooklyn, N.Y., visiting family for the holidays and wanted to see what she could find on sale.

“I went to the mall and looked around there to see what some of the deals were,” she said while shopping at Old Navy in Market Heights. “It’s nice to come out and shop for myself, especially with a lot of the sales going on.”

Samantha Apostolou, Old Navy store manager, said the day after Christmas is “definitely” one of the store’s busier days.

“We’ve been fairly busy since opening,” she said. “Everyone comes out to spend their Christmas money and gift cards be-

fore going back to school and work.”

Apostolou said the store doesn’t see many returns or exchanges, but instead customers are seeking good deals.

“We have great deals going on that bring a lot of people in,” she said. “Our denim is always on sale after Christmas and a lot of people come in for that.”

Ariel Freeman, of Killeen, said she was out shopping with family to make a few returns and see what kind of sales she could find.

“We do this every year the day after Christmas,” she said. “We make our returns and see what we can find.”

Freeman said she found several sales that she couldn’t pass up.

“We returned some shoes to Kohl’s and got another pair and we even got a dollar back,” she said. “I found a scarf for a dollar. We’ve found some pretty good stuff. We come to do returns, but if we find a good sale, we can’t pass it up.”

Katrino Garcia, Target store manager, said they see several returns and exchanges, but it’s the big sales that really bring shoppers in.

“It’s one of our busier days with people coming in to do returns and then browsing the store for mark-downs,” he said. “The high mark-downs really get people in the doors. It’s a good incentive for people to come in because they’re at home, they’re bored and they want something to do.”

Garcia said the store has its annual faithful shoppers who wait outside for the doors to open at 6 a.m.

“We have our dedicated group every year that waits outside for the doors to open because they want the Christmas items that have been marked down,” he said. “They’ll buy brand new stuff for 50 percent off and put it away for next year.”

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