HARKER HEIGHTS — When Dr. Maggie Lueg heard her name called she jumped up and down with excitement.

“I never win anything,” said Seton’s director of pediatrics in a state of disbelief. “I can’t wait to see what’s in the gift card basket I just won.”

The main lobby at Seton Medical Center Harker Heights was full of United Way basket drawing hopefuls Friday, including Coleman Kelly, Seton’s sterile processing coordinator, who had his eyes on the “zombie apocalypse” basket.

The various gift baskets, put together by departments within the hospital, had a wide range of themes.

“It’s great to see everyone from the hospital get involved in a great charitable fundraiser like this,” he said.

In its second year, the hospital raised almost $3,000 from its in-house basket raffle for its United Way campaign, which kicked off in October.

After being open for six months last year, Melissa Purl, Seton’s marketing director, said the hospital raised more than $20,000. The goal this year is to

raise $25,000.

The basket raffle was the brainchild of Amy Sears, Seton’s director of radiology.

“I’ve done this before at other places, but it’s usually done as a silent auction. I find that limits participation because some of the baskets can get up to hundreds of dollars,” Sears said. “This way, anyone and everyone has a chance to win.”

The departments went to great lengths putting together their baskets, with most adopting themes.

The basket that received the most tickets was the music lovers basket, weighing in at 130.1 grams.

“The Keurig coffee basket is also always really popular,” said Melissa Purl, Seton’s marketing director. “I myself bought tickets and stuck it in the Keurig basket and the basket the gift shop put together.”

Along with the coffee basket, there was an after-work basket, relaxation basket, lottery basket, Crock-Pot basket, music basket and “Wagon O’ Fun” basket, which was overflowing with board games.

Purl was amazed by the amount of money Seton Harker Heights raised for United Way, saying it is above and beyond what many Seton hospitals are able to raise every year.

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