HARKER HEIGHTS — Cornelius “A-Game” Johnson, 26, has been cutting hair for five years.

“I love the interaction,” he said. “The transformation when they get out of their chair, the glow, the passion, the excitement on their face they have when they get out of there.”

To hone his hair-crafting skills, he attended Sunday’s Vegas Style Hair Show and Casino Night at the Harker Heights E Center, an educational event, fashion show and casino raffle hosted by E Center and Obsession’s by Carolyn owner Carolyn Brown. She has hosted about 28 hair shows since 1999 in the Killeen area.

Stylist Monica Jefferson instructed about 50 stylists and barbers about 7 p.m. on trendy short female hairstyles, lacing lime green- and gold-colored hair strands atop a model’s head.

“At the very top of the apex, I do the cross,” Jefferson said. “In the very back, I used my No. 1 all the way up.”

Brown estimated attendance at about 200 people, but rainy weather prevented some hair show stylists from attending, she said. Three of 10 competitors came before 6 p.m. The winner advanced to Laborfest, a San Antonio family entertainment and hair show event, where competitors can win $5,000.

Three salon owners judged styles based on uniqueness and creativity of models’ hair styles.

Sapphire’s Beauty Lounge owner and contestant Pamela Kelley said driving to Killeen-area hair shows from San Antonio helped expand her business by 10 percent since 2006. Since then, she added new weaving, styling and coloring techniques to her jazzy style.

“My style speaks for itself,” she said. “I give short hairstyles with the magic touch.”

Sapphire’s co-owner and model Demetra Corley sported a pink, gold and black mohawk.

About 50 Vista College cosmetology students and 40 Yahweh Beauty Academy students attended the event, instructors said.

“It’s going to wake up their creativity,” said Vista College instructor Denmica Eugene. “It’s always nice to see other people’s visions walking down the runway.”

Obsession’s barber Justen “Moon the Barber” Gates, 23, said detailed hair designs are a major theme in Killeen, but he hoped to add some out-of-town trends to his skill set.

“I want to be able to put Obama in somebody’s hair,” he said. “Coming here helps you do that.”

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