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Single court in Bell County decides fate of families

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Drea2015: I have a case right now the judge does not know how the case workers lie and the things they to do to sway him to do whatever.. My son came from George town foster care with an blackeye and my other son was locked out until dark not to mention where they was two kids died in a pool and he went to get help... I have had case workers fired I have changed lawyers with the same result...This is an circle and looks like everyone is looking for the big pay off.. Van Orden didn't even know that cps closed my babyfather case and he yelled at them in court and told them that he says where the kids go not them.. Bell County CPS have not only failed the community but the kids.. He not telling the truth, bell county cps workers we not even going to go there they just lie for no reason in the articles online its says they do it for the kids who can be adopted so they can get money and really I am starting to belive it... This county has no funding to help families instead of breaking them up matter of fact its more animal shelters then homeless shelter, this is just a sad case and for the judge to make that statement and not know the real problem about the family is just sad....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 4:21 am


tnormantnt: This court and Judge Van Orden is totally unfair. My name is Norman Travis Sr. In 2011 this court terminated the parental rights of my significant other based on lies and allegations. I am a retired disabled veteran with PTSD. The court never looked at my medical history. They just terminated my significant other's parental rights based on lies that the fictive kind told the court. The fictive kind also edited video tapes to falsify evidence. This court is a travesty! I can be reached at 254-245-2049 to discuss further details with anyone that would like to assist me in exposing this court as a travesty!

Sunday, October 20, 2013, 10:48 am