Killeen IT building

Killeen’s downtown Information Technology Building is seen in June. Exterminators were unable to locate a skunk whose foul odor made some city employees sick in May and June.

A hard-to-catch skunk has been plaguing the city’s information technology office building in downtown Killeen for weeks.

The smelly mammal has caused city officials to relocate staff to other facilities, and several workers have had to seek medical attention for nausea and other foul symptoms, said Hilary Shine, city spokeswoman.

“We’ve got a skunk,” she said. “It is somehow entering the building.”

The skunk’s telltale pungent smell began wafting through the offices of the city’s information technology building, in the 200 block of Avenue D, about a month ago, Shine said.

The skunk has been in and out ever since, despite repeated efforts from animal control and exterminators to catch it.

“We can’t find it,” Shine said, adding some staff members who work in the building have been moved to the Arts & Activities Center to avoid the smell. Fifteen employees work in the building.

Shine said several city workers have either gone home or visited a doctor after feeling sick from the noxious smell.

The city has thoroughly cleaned the building “from top to bottom,” but the skunk’s odor seems to return every time, Shine said.

“The one constant is the smell,” she said.

The building, next to the Municipal Court, is not typically used by the public.

Some staff are continuing to work in the building, and the search for the skunk is ongoing, Shine said.


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