Soldier observes changes in Iraq

Courtesy photo - Sgt. Tyronda Dorsey is serving in Mosul, Iraq. During her second deployment to Iraq, she said she has noticed that Iraqis seem friendlier and she is learning more about the Iraqi culture this time.

By Philip Jankowski

Killeen Daily Herald

Sgt. Tyronda Dorsey has noticed a difference in the people of Iraq.

During her second deployment to Iraq, this time to Mosul, Dorsey said people have been much friendlier. She's been able to take in a little more of the culture and enjoy talking with locals.

"The attitude is different this time," Dorsey said in a phone interview from Mosul. "People are a lot more friendly. You can ask questions and get their insight."

During her previous deployment to Iraq, Dorsey provided medical attention at a prison where inmates were often combatants and insurgents. The locals were less eager to communicate. Dorsey said some of them were combatants as well.

Dorsey, a graduate of Ellison High School, is a combat medic. She spends much of her time teaching other soldiers life-saving techniques, such as CPR, and equipping soldiers with the skills to provide first aid to injured soldiers.

Though she likes her job, Dorsey said she will not pursue a medical profession after her military career is over.

She still wants to help people, she said. But she wants a career in social work.

"I want to do marriage counseling," she said. "I think I could do a lot of good there."

Dorsey is married to a fellow soldier. She met her husband while stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga., in 2006.

She followed her father's footsteps in joining the U.S. Army and has served 14 years.

She is the mother of four children and has many family ties to Killeen, but she calls Georgia home.

Dorsey said her time in the military has prepped her for becoming a counselor.

"When you become a leader, you become a counselor to your soldiers," she said.

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