By Amanda Kim Stairrett

Killeen Daily Herald

FORT HOOD – Soldiers and their family members filled on-post dining facilities Thursday afternoon for Thanksgiving Day feasts.

Officers and senior noncommissioned officers were decked out in their dress blues and greens to serve meals, a military tradition.

Eight dining facilities are currently in operation at Fort Hood, Dean Brunn said. That includes one on each North Fort Hood and West Fort Hood.

Brunn is a retired sergeant first class who manages Roosevelt Dining Facility, which is home to units such as the 4th Infantry Division and 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Both units are deployed, so the facility is manned by civilian employees rather than Army cooks.

Meal and display preparation and planning begin weeks, even months, before Thanksgiving. Dining facility staffs put so much effort into the meal out of loyalty and honor to serve their fellow soldiers, Brunn said.

The holiday season is an important time for most of the dining facilities because it gives the cooks a chance to show off their skills. Each facility at Fort Hood on Thursday had everything from ice sculptures to edible panoramas.

One unit took its theme beyond food, helping it win another Thanksgiving tradition at Fort Hood: the dining facility competition.

The 13th Sustainment Command's Freeman Dining Facility placed first with its theme "Sustainers Through History." The facility is managed by the command's 15th Sustainment Brigade, which is preparing for an upcoming deployment.

The theme was chosen as a way to highlight the things sustainment and medical soldiers have done throughout history, according to information from the brigade.

Aside from historic food displays made out of cake, candy, chocolate, ice and fondant, soldiers portrayed their forefathers in displays outside the building. In one scene, soldiers dressed up and manned a Korean War-era mobile Army surgical hospital, complete with '50s music playing over a loudspeaker.

Freeman placed third in last year's competition, behind the 41st Fires' Gunner Inn and Operation Iraqi Freedom Dining Facility.

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