FORT HOOD — Spc. Steven Perez’s transition from Germany to Fort Hood got a little easier on Tuesday, thanks to furniture he received from IHG Army Hotels.

When IHG, which manages the hotels at Fort Hood, decided it was time to renovate the Holiday Inn Express on post, the company also decided to give the bedroom sets from all 207 rooms to soldiers in need.

Perez moved back to the Fort Hood area after a permanent change of station relocated him from Germany to Fort Hood in November. Perez is in the midst of moving his soon-to-be wife and two children from Corpus Christi to Fort Hood, and he is doing it on a tight budget.

“I am getting married on Valentine’s Day, so the timing could not have been better,” Perez said. “It’s not something you expect to happen out of nowhere. Them (IHG) actually coming to the Army and asking if there are any soldiers in need is a really big deal.”

Jeff Rainwater, assistant manager for IHG, said although the company could collect thousands of dollars by liquidating the furniture, giving the company’s used furniture to soldiers is nothing new.

“We support the military,” Rainwater said. “Obviously, we are on a Fort Hood installation. We have done this in the past. This is not a first-time thing. And we will be doing it again soon.”

Rainwater said that in about six months, IHG will give away 238 rooms worth of furniture to soldiers in exchange for donations to the Fisher House Foundation. The furniture will come from IHG’s 5700 Series hotels, which will undergo remodeling at that time.

Military spouse Lyndia High also was on hand to collect a bedroom set Tuesday. She said she has been looking for furniture for her 2-year-old son’s room since she moved to Fort Hood six months ago. She estimated the free furniture will save her around $1,000.

“Everything is just way too expensive, especially for little kid furniture that is going to break in three months,” High said.

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