By Philip Jankowski

Killeen Daily Herald

Campaign finance reports filed Friday for Killeen's municipal elections show that spending has heated up as the election draws near.

Twenty-one candidates are vying for five open council seats and five candidates are seeking the mayor's post in next week's election.

Mayoral candidate Dan Corbin again topped all candidates in fundraising and expenditures. The former councilman raised $16,450 since April 12, pushing his total campaign budget to $33,485. That is more than four times the amount of money raised by outgoing Mayor Timothy Hancock when he won re-election in 2008.

The lion's share of the new capital for Corbin's campaign came from a $10,000 loan he made from his law firm Corbin & Associates, which he said was for "cash flow" when reached for comment Friday.

His campaign still has more than $7,000 on hand, which he said he would use to pay back his firm. Corbin also received contributions from council members recalled last fall. Former Mayor Pro Tem Scott Cosper, who prior to the recall was thought to be a certain candidate for mayor, gave $750 to Corbin.

The family of former Councilwoman JoAnn Purser, who is running for the Killeen Independent School District board, donated $1,500. Recalled Councilman Juan Rivera donated $100.

"There's not a single group of people in the city of Killeen who have not been generous with their support of the campaign," said Corbin. "People are very supportive because they are very concerned about my opponents winning this race."

Corbin also outspent all candidates, spending more than $21,000 on advertising, signs and events.

Fellow mayoral candidate Billy Workman, a former councilman recalled in November, spent $2,209 and raised $1,275 in the past month, thousands less than he raised in previous months.

He reported raising a total of $8,786 and spending $8,706.02.

Despite the large financial disadvantage, Workman said he can win the race.

"It's not the money that wins the election; it's the people that get out and vote," said Workman, who said he has done a lot of block walking and has worked to earn people's votes by talking to them instead of spending money.

His campaign has received most funds from $50 donations in cash, Workman said. His newest report has 19 unnamed donations of $50.

Still, Workman was irked by the financial disparity.

"It's like the 1 percenters versus the 99 percenters right here in Killeen," he said.

Mayoral candidate Hal Butchart is financing his campaign through personal finances. Butchart has spent $6,221.12, but only raised $383.28.

He said he would not accept any donations over $50. He said large donations like those made to Corbin's campaign create obligations and conflicts of interest.

"That $30,000 is money that is being given by the special interests, the vested interests and the people that have always kept Killeen under the thumb of the same people that have been in control for the last 50 years," said Butchart.

Juan Estrada received $1.48 and spent $893.23, bringing his total to $2,506.52 in his bid for the mayor's seat.

A fifth candidate in the mayor's race, Eric Nellis, raised no money and spent $675.99 in the past month. In total, he has spent $737.99.

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Campaign finance reports


Candidate Contributions Expenditures

Dan Corbin $16,450 $21,074

Billy Workman $1,275 $2,209

Hal Butchart $383.28 $6,221.12

Eric Nellis $0 $675.99

Juan Estrada $1.48 $893.23

District 1

Candidate Contributions Expenditures

Wayne Gilmore $0 $3,192.17

Jason Lawhorn $0 $0

Travis Sutterfield Did not file Did not file

District 2

Candidate Contributions Expenditures

Jose Segarra $1,760 $2,366

Frankie Williams $0 $119


Candidate Contributions Expenditures

Jim H. Butler $4,448 $3,254.40

Jared Foster $810 $4,884.53

Elizabeth Blackstone $430 $5,594.84

Dan Kott $100 $908.41

Doris Mims-Owens $100 $0

Milton Powell $70 $119

Ralph Cossey $25 $199.50

Mark Manning $0 $1,756.05

JoAnn Demonbreun Did not file Did not file

John Doranski Did not file Did not file

Michael Gamel Did not file Did not file

Benton Goodnight Did not file Did not file

Steve Harris Did not file Did not file

Jonathan Okray Did not file Did not file

Nathan R. Small Did not file Did not file

- Compiled by Philip Jankowski

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