LAMPASAS — Thousands of vendors and patrons descended on the city July 8-14, making this year’s Spring Ho Festival another huge success, event organizers reported.

“Since it’s a weeklong event, we don’t have an accurate, hard count on attendance, but we estimate between 6,000 and 10,000 people turned out for the festival,” said Lisa Dibble, festival chairman. “All our vendors say they had a great time, and they wanted to come back again next year and secure the location of their booths.”

Dibble said the arts and crafts area had the biggest customer base because vendors set up their booths for the last three days of the festival. The Spring Ho committee members received positive feedback despite the heat, which is always a festival concern.

“I think it was so hot Saturday, people didn’t mill around as much, so (vendors) did better on Friday,” Dibble said. “At least the weather cooperated and stayed away, unlike last year.”

According to Dibble, this year’s festival averaged the same number of vendors as last year, approximately 140. Many of those were returning vendors who received notice in January to reserve their spots by March.

“After March, it’s first come, first serve,” Dibble said.

Luther Hensley, parade chairman, said the six months leading up to the yearly event are always busy.

“As far as parade entries go, this year’s parade was similar to last with well more than 100 entries,” Hensley said. “This year, we did have the Fort Hood 1st Cavalry band, which we didn’t have last year. (The parade) is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun, and we get people from all over Texas come here to celebrate with us.”

The Spring Ho Festival Committee is comprised of 12 volunteers, with four incoming and four outgoing members each year. The group will hold their annual assessment and wrap-up meeting for the festival in August.

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