Killeen IT building

Killeen’s downtown Information Technology Building is seen in June. Exterminators were unable to locate a skunk whose foul odor made some city employees sick in May and June.

The city of Killeen released more details this week about a skunk that has been wreaking havoc on the city’s information technology building downtown for more than a month.

“Approximately half of the 15 employees” in the building went home sick since mid-May, said Hilary Shine, Killeen spokeswoman.

In addition to traps, the city has used several chemicals to eradicate the skunk odors, including Nature’s Miracle Odor Remover, Lysol disinfectant spray, Febreze Air Effects and household vinegar.

It was unclear whether the illnesses were caused by the skunk or by the chemicals.

“I don’t know, was it Febreze that made them sick of the skunk?” Shine said.

Employees have reported headaches, nausea and respiratory irritation associated with the incident. Some have sought medical attention.

“Last week, four employees went home sick on Wednesday and Thursday and sought medical attention at an urgent care clinic,” Shine said in an email.


Staff was relocated to the Killeen Arts & Activities Center for two weeks in May and returned to the building, located in the 200 block of Avenue D, only to be moved again after the varmint returned.

Both the Texas Department of State Health Services and Bell County Health and Human Services, environmental services division, said they were not able to assist in ousting the creature.

“Staff contacted the Texas Department of State Health Service, which advised that it was unaware of any health issues related to skunk odors,” Shine said.

The Killeen Daily Herald has not received information requested this week through the Texas Public Information Act regarding which employees reported feeling ill and whether complaints had been filed against the city.

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while living in Wyoming, we shot the critters and got a dollar bounty to boot.

Randy Johnson

Lol, Max67...Im with you about you saying that the skunk is there.

I dont think chemicals will work in gettting rid of him either. Rumors are that he is already chemical dependent...


@Viktor -Agree completely. Couldn't have said it better! Maybe the skunk will eventually leave on his own - when he realizes they're even worse than he is. After all, he probably has some standards...


@ Max67 & el residente: Lol! You both are too much! Many puns do come to mind when reading this story. Looks like the weasels in the city of Killeen finally met their match in the form of a skunk. Maybe the critter is at home alongside the stink that permeates from those who like to run the show in Killeen.


So, even though the city, which reorganized in 10/2013, hiring a new Asst. City Manager (Anne Farris) over Internal Operations and creating a new level of management with a new Support Services Director position - still can't handle a skunk? Maybe those extra levels of management didn't increase the effectiveness of operations? Go figure.

It sounds like City Manager Glenn Morrison continues to waste our tax dollars - or is that he just can't manage?

el residente

All the Lysol and Febreze in the world wouldn't cover up his dirt...


And you would think the City of Killeen has had experience with skunks, but maybe not their removal, since the city manager is still there...


@ including Nature’s Miracle Odor Remover, Lysol disinfectant spray, Febreze Air Effects and household vinegar.
Employees have reported headaches, nausea and respiratory irritation associated with the incident. Some have sought medical attention.

Any of the above (except possibly the vinegar) could have made someone feel ill,
according to how much was used and who would be susceptible to the ingredients inside.
They are all made up of man made chemicals. And if products are combined, could cause (to the right person) even a bigger reaction.
If Heavily used, there's even more of a chance.
And If the area they are spraying has no outside ventilation coming in, there could be an adverse reaction to the right person.
That's why there's always warnings posted the back or sides of these products.

Its like when people use the powered carpet cleaners such as Febreze others, on their carpets to clean and deodorize, then let a baby or small children get down onto the carpet to play or play video games.. They can show a reaction to it after inhaling for a period of time.

If you've used it for a long period. its always there, a vacuum is never able to suction all of it up. Over the years, it accumulates quiet a lot in the fibers.

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