By Kevin M. Smith

Killeen Daily Herald

The man who was holed up in the Central Texas Workforce Center in Killeen for 12 hours Tuesday was arraigned on several charges Wednesday.

Appearing before Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke, David Hilario Flores, 31, was charged with evading arrest and robbery for events that occurred before and during the standoff, which started about 8:30 a.m. and ended with his arrest about 8:30 p.m.

Flores is currently being held without bond for violating parole.

According to the arrest affidavit, Flores forced his way into Andrea Willis' vehicle in the parking lot of the TWC. He tried to take her purse and demanded Willis' keys and money.

Willis reported to police that she struggled with Flores, pulling him from her vehicle as he pulled on her purse. Willis also told police that she sustained injuries to her hands, fingers and knees.

The incident left the Central Texas Workforce Center in a shambled state. The building will be closed the rest of the week because of damage done to the facility.

"We're just kind of assessing," Jerry Haisler, director of the Workforce Centers in Temple, Copperas Cove and Killeen, said on Wednesday while he was picking up pieces of ceiling tile from the floor in the atrium.

Ceiling tiles were knocked down and insulation ripped out by Flores as he searched for new places to hide and by Killeen Police Department officers searching for him, Haisler said.

"Because he was here for 12 hours and was very agile and had a lot of stamina ... they (police) started tearing out stuff," he said.

Haisler said Wednesday's activities included talking to the center's insurance company.

"It's too early to tell," Haisler said about cost estimates of the damage.

Next, the center will seek contractors for electrical work, fire alarm repair, and replacing insulation and ceiling tiles strewn about through much of the building.

"The hallways are pretty much trashed," Haisler said.

He complimented law enforcement officials.

"The police did a fabulous job," Haisler said. "The collateral damage is necessary."

Police allowed Haisler and staff back in the building at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. Haisler said it is no longer a crime scene. Authorities suspected Flores may have had a weapon, but they did not recover one, Haisler said.

"They treated the whole thing like he had a weapon," Haisler said.

"No trespassing" signs are sprinkled throughout the parking lot. The signs warn that violators will be prosecuted.

Officials advised workforce customers to visit the Temple office at 2420 S. 37th St. or call (254) 773-1607. Customers can also visit the center's Web site at for updates. Haisler said the center will be more organized within a day.

"We'll have a better game plan of what's going on," Haisler said.

Susan Kamas, executive director for the Workforce Center in Killeen, said it is important that the center becomes operational soon.

"It was pretty devastating," Kamas said. "We love this facility and what it does for the community."

Employees will be contacted to get personal belongings they may need until the building is reopened.

"We're working with getting their things to them," Kamas said.

Haisler said the Workforce Center will try to place the Killeen employees at its other locations until the building is ready to reopen.

Kamas said entry to the Killeen building should be limited to supervisors until things are cleaned up.

"Once the debris is moved out, it'll be pretty again," Kamas said.

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