Local law enforcement and police across Texas begin a warrant round-up today to collect delinquent citations.

With the participation of Killeen and Harker Heights police, city courts will be serving hundreds, if not thousands, of warrants for unpaid traffic tickets and other municipal citations.

Harker Heights Warrant Officer Daniel Garcia said he will make every effort to contact people with traffic warrants before having them arrested. Garcia has been placing phone calls to people with active warrants to let them know they could be arrested this month.

The goal is not to fill city jails with people who have outstanding tickets, Harker Heights Court Administrator Julie Helsham said. By being diligent about calling offenders, officials hope the embarrassment of being arrested at home or work can be avoided.

In Harker Heights, there are more than 11,700 active city warrants for arrest. Killeen has 11,001 active warrants for unpaid citations. Tickets include traffic citations, code enforcement violations and tickets from animal control.

The round-up begins in Harker Heights today. Killeen has been seeking offenders since the beginning of February. Killeen’s round-up concludes March 10. Harker Heights’ effort will run throughout the month.

Belton, Waco, Hewitt and Cameron also are among the 250 statewide participants in the round-up.

Helsham said the effort is a combined effort between the municipal court and the police department. “A good percentage (of the warrants) come in,” she said.

In Killeen, all active warrants require in-person action at the municipal court, 200 E. Avenue D. Third-party payments will not be accepted.

Harker Heights tickets can be paid online at www.ci.harker-heights.tx.us, in person at Harker Heights City Hall, 305 Miller’s Crossing, or at a payment terminal at the Harker Heights Police Department at 402 Indian Trail.

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