By Don Bolding

Killeen Daily Herald

This year's Students in Free Enterprise team at Central Texas College did more in the fall semester any previous team had done in the whole school year, Dr. John Frith told a meeting of about 50 SIFE members and their Business Advisory Board Friday.

Still smarting from a 10th-place ranking in competition with other teams last year, the local team has ramped up its efforts, putting more emphasis on ecological concerns after finding they were a serious focus of other groups. Also, team president Chastity Clemons said judges in the competition said they were "bombarded" by a rapid-fire account of the team's achievements, and it didn't help their case.

The team historically has placed first among junior colleges in the region and near the top at the higher levels. This year's first competition is in Dallas on April 3.

Proving the observation of Frith, their senior adviser, Clemons and vice president Rhaiza Luna, sometimes calling on other members for elucidation, reeled off dozens of projects in the fall semester. The early spring meeting is held annually in a classroom near the business faculty offices in the planetarium building. The team and advisers will meet again to rehearse the presentation for the competition.

The team's work during the fall included participation in all the business expositions at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center, classes in capitalism, business ethics and financial literacy with public school and college students, and participation in college events for exposure, fundraising and recruitment. They also began installing compact fluorescent light bulbs in partnering businesses.

Member Mark Hyde explained a project in planning called "Ethical Eduardo," a cooperative effort with the SIFE team at Texas State University at San Marcos, which takes an ethics seminar to businesses, and asked for contact information from volunteers to present it in their workplaces. "Eduardo" is a fictional character presented with various ethical temptations in the workplace.

Daisy Gulley laid out plans for a Waste Management Project, also in cooperation with TSU and Waste Management Inc., to place recycling machines in business and industrial areas. She was also seeking volunteers.

Frith also announced $2,300 in scholarships based on SIFE participation.

Les Ledger, now a full-time business faculty member and SIFE adviser after a career operating Ledger Furniture in Copperas Cove, said, "These are all super students, overemployed, overworked, but the cr?me de la cr?me on this campus."

More information about the SIFE team is available at (254) 526-1248 or

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