School may be out for Killeen students, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop learning, thanks to a number of local businesses offering summer tutoring programs.

“During the summer, parents worry that their children might fall behind,” said Tina Capito, an educator with My Tutor and More in Killeen.

My Tutor and More is one of several businesses in the Killeen area that offer tutoring, homework help and test workshops for children.

“Some students come to us during the summer so they can catch up in areas they might have struggled in during the school year,” Capito said. “Some of them come in because they want to advance and be ahead of things when school starts again.”

In addition to its regular services, the center also offers a series of “camp” programs during the summer that focus on subject areas like math, reading and science, but incorporate themes and activities with the curriculum.

“Much of the learning is games-based, and we try to pick fun and engaging themes that the kids will like,” Capito said. “We want them to enjoy themselves and have fun, but they are also learning and building those academic skills.”

Those camps include a “CSI Camp,” a space-themed camp and a young writer’s workshop.

“We work closely with (the Killeen Independent School District), and we are very familiar with the curriculum and what the district is using,” Capito said. “We want to ensure we are supporting what they are doing in the classroom.”

That support doesn’t just extend to academics. The center is currently organizing a school backpack drive for the Killeen district’s Homeless Awareness Response Program.

My Tutor and More isn’t the only tutoring business in Killeen trying to keep learning during summer vacation fun. Other centers, such as S.M.A.R.T. Zone Tutoring ,also offer themed camps for students.

“We try to have a lot of creative and fun elements in those camps,” S.M.A.R.T. Zone Director Lynn Medley said.

S.M.A.R.T. Zone’s educational summer camps this year include themes such as “Create a Business,” “Experience Egypt” and “A Taste of France.”

Other organizations, such as Central Texas College and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas, are running a variety of camps and classes for students during the summer.


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