Road District 1

David English, a field technician for the engineering firm of Walker Partners, stands in a residential driveway in Sun Set Estates and takes GPS measurements for a hydrology study to determine water drainage for the Road District 1 paving project in Coryell County.

GATESVILLE — The 40 taxpayers who live on Kenney Drive and Nathan Drive in Sun Set Estates north of Copperas Cove will soon receive letters informing them of a 20-cent tax rate to fix their pothole-scarred pavement.

Coryell County commissioners, sitting as the board of Road District 1, on Monday set the rate that residents reluctantly agreed to at a public meeting in May in Copperas Cove.

The commissioners later agreed the county, not members of the road district, would pay $450 of a $14,100 hydrology study needed to determine the drainage work for the paving project.

“I guess we should be grateful they are chipping in anything,” said George Sinner, who has lived on Kenney Drive since 2002. “I really don’t think we should be paying for any of it.”

By Wednesday, field technicians with the engineering firm Walker Partners were in the area taking topographical measurements with a GPS device as part of the drainage study.

For years, Sinner and his neighbors tried unsuccessfully to get their streets repaired, first by the subdivision developer, then by the county. Last fall, the residents voted to create the county’s first road district to borrow $100,000 to lay 1.8 miles of pavement, then levy a tax on themselves to pay the loan.

On Tuesday, Sinner had not received the letter from the county tax assessor/collector, but he knew the tax rate would be 20 cents per $100 valuation.

One of his neighbors proposed a 30-cent rate at the May meeting in the hope of getting the work done sooner.

Sinner argued to lower the rate to 20 cents, and the rest of the group concurred.

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