Everyone needs a mechanic like mine, especially if you need one as often as I apparently do.

It’d be difficult to recount the times I’ve needed Wes and his crew at TexStar Automotive, and for what. There have been the maintenance oil changes, and then there’s been the valve cover, and the brakes have been worked on. Oh, and a wheel bearing.

And then the Noise.

It was October and I was returning from a 1,700-mile road trip when it started. It sounded like I had a flat tire. I drove another 20 miles or so — because that’s exactly the thing you want to do when you think you have a flat tire — and I stopped at a rest area. I figured if I have to stop anyway, I might as well make it a multipurpose break.

All four tires were thankfully intact and still attached to my vehicle. I hit the road again, and the noise persisted ... all through Kentucky, Tennessee and into Arkansas. It kept getting worse, but the louder it was, the more I cranked up the radio.

I knew I had a serious problem on my hands, but what was I supposed to do? Stop in no-name Arkansas and wish desperately for a nice mechanic? I weighed my options and pushed full-speed ahead.

Home was on my horizon, and more importantly, my mechanics. I call them mine because we’re on a first-name basis (Hi, Wes and Troy!), and because they see me semi-frequently.

I called them when I was in Waco, and barely completed my sentence (“I’m finishing a road trip and there’s a noise …”) when Troy said, “Holly, bring it in.”

To say I barely made it is an understatement.

When the mechanic checked it out, he told me I was “actually really lucky” that my rear tire hadn’t fallen off.

In December, we were back in the shop again. This time my car had overheated (I pulled over immediately), and something was seriously wrong.

It was expensive to fix, but what was more disheartening was that in the process of fixing THAT problem, another significant problem had been uncovered. Another expensive significant problem.

This is the part where I wanted to cry, and where Troy said he’d try to find the most reasonably priced solution. I believed him.

The next day Troy called to tell me he’d gone home and researched my car’s problem. When he got back to the shop, he fixed it.

I can’t tell you in technical terms what he did or how he did it, and for once, I didn’t need all the details. All I knew was that the expensive significant problem did not exist anymore.

If mechanics could be superheroes who go above and beyond to serve their customers, these are mine.

Contact Holly Wise at hwise@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7555

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