LAMPASAS — Alex Morua, a student in Lampasas, presented about 150 signatures to City Council members on Monday, and asked for a skate park.

Morua and more than a dozen other youths — supported by Councilman Mike White — presented their case to council members during the workshop meeting, stating they’d like to have some place to practice their sport.

“Most of the people here, they just ride the streets because they don’t have anywhere to ride their bikes and skateboards, and (the park) would keep them off the streets and keep them out of trouble,” Morua said.

With no skate park in Lampasas, skateboarders typically drive 30 or more miles to get to a skate park. Morua said some of his friends even drive as far as the Austin area, which has about seven parks.

Council members and adults at the meeting were supportive of the plan, repeatedly stating that it’d be a safe, legal way to get kids involved and outside.

But officials pushed to have the students spearhead the initiative and maintain the park’s upkeep.

“We did try (a skate park) back in the early 2000s, and it was vandalized,” said Mikey Tower, parks director for Lampasas.

He said people beat the ramps with a hammer.

“It was rebuilt once, and they destroyed it again,” he said.

Councilman Robert McCauley outlined the next steps in getting the park built. McCauley said a committee would be formed and officials would look into how much a park would cost, where it would be located and what, if any, sort of liability insurance would go into it.

Councilwoman T.J. Monroe said VisionLampasas! had layouts for a similar park that was built in Colorado.

Behind the sports complex, Tower said there was plenty of land.

“Some of the kids are not basketball players or football players,” he said, “but they can pick up a skateboard or bicycle.”

Looking for area businesses and additional funding to help with the effort, White said he’d head up the project and then present a more finalized plan to council.

The park would be free to the public, White said.

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