LAMPASAS — A group of local teens has organized a team to contribute to the Lampasas Public Library renovation project and will soon begin fundraising efforts to complete landscaping on the building’s east side.

The Teen Advisory Group consists of six core members from seventh to 12th grades. The teens participated in brainstorming sessions on the project. Library director Shanda Subia said their original ideas centered around a Disney theme based on movies and books.

“Individually, they came up with the ideas they wanted to use and presented them to the City Council last week,” Subia said. “They used trifold presentation boards showing an aerial view of their inspirations for different aspects of the project. They also had pictures of the plants, flowers, trees and their designs for each section, or wing, drawn to scale.”

The teens worked with landscape architect Marianna Felsman of Austin. Subia said they learned a lot during the design phase.

“They have definitely had professional instruction and learned a lot about landscape design,” she said. “The kids are learning a lot about xeriscaping, landscaping and using math equations for the designs.”

The council unanimously approved the plans last month. The plans consist of six themed areas named after famous characters or books, including The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Narnia, Kung Fu Panda and Winnie the Pooh.

“This was done in a whimsical way, not a cartoonish way,” Subia said. “I think it will appeal to library patrons of all ages.”

The Teen Advisory Group also has a commitment from local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops to provide extra muscle during the physical labor part of the project.

The group also would like to tap into the skills and talents of local artists to make it a collaborative community effort.

Although the teens won’t begin turning dirt until February, the council’s approval paved the way for them to focus on seeking donations and organizing fundraising events.

“I think it’s going to be an ongoing project, even after these young people finish school,” said Lampasas Library Foundation president, Ruth Martin. “It’s really been refreshing to have the Teen Advisory Group involved in the library renovations. It’s giving them lots of experience — not just in gardening, but it’s a real educational project and is giving them an idea of all the steps necessary in planning a project of this size.”

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