By Justin Cox

Killeen Daily Herald

Three Temple men are facing life in prison after they were each indicted on a charge of capital murder Wednesday for the August shooting death of an apartment clerk.

A Bell County grand jury issued the indictments to Andre Nathaniel Hamilton, 20; Anthony Jerome Thomas, 23; and Derrick Lynn Lewis, 17, for the Aug. 28 shooting of Jamie Lujan Jr.

The crime took place one day before the third man, Lewis, turned 17. Although a juvenile at the time of the crime, he will be charged as an adult.

The indictment states that the capital murder enhancement came because the slaying was conducted while the men were in the act of committing another felony, retaliation.

If convicted, the men will be sentenced to automatic life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The affidavit states that police went to an apartment office in Temple on Aug. 28 and found the victim with gunshot wounds to his chest and wrist. He was mumbling incoherently at the time and did not survive.

A female witness told police she saw three males enter the office and saw two of them pull bandanas over their faces. She later heard gunshots, but the affidavit does not state if the female saw the crime. She later identified the three men from a photo lineup.

The affidavit states that another witness told police that Thomas, convicted in 2004 of assault on a public servant, informed her where to find a gun and asked her to dispose of it.

Instead, she contacted police and informed them.

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