• January 31, 2015


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Abbott urges civility after White’s Muslim remarks

AUSTIN — Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday that “we must have civil discourse” after a freshman Texas lawmaker instructed her staff to ask Muslims who were visiting the state Capitol to declare their allegiance to America.

Abbott calls to abolish Perry's pet fund for Texas startups

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is planning to abolish Rick Perry's pet program that gave $200 million in taxpayer dollars to Texas startups and was beset by bankruptcies and transparency issues.

Texas lawmaker gets security detail; activists warned

AUSTIN — A House Democrat was provided a security detail as part of the fallout from a tense Texas Capitol confrontation between the lawmaker and gun rights activists, whom more conservative state politicians urged to soften some of their rhetoric.

Gun, school choice rallies on tap at Texas Legislature

AUSTIN — New Gov. Greg Abbott skipped the annual Texas Right to Life march and rally at the state Capitol on Saturday — a favorite event of his predecessor Rick Perry— but sent his wife, Cecilia, the state’s first Hispanic first lady.

Texas high court agrees to hear public school finance case, sets timetable

AUSTIN — The Texas Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear the state’s gargantuan, multiyear school finance case — and set a timetable that ensures there won’t be a decision until after the legislative session ends in June.

Texas Senate Democrats lose clout

With a new lieutenant governor installed for the first time in over a decade Wednesday — and over the cries of Democrats — the Texas Senate voted to break from an almost 70-year tradition intended to encourage compromise among its 31 members.

New Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick promises more conservative Texas

AUSTIN — Tea party favorite Dan Patrick was sworn in as Texas’ new lieutenant governor and will oversee the powerful state Senate.

Greg Abbott becomes Texas’ first new governor since 2000

AUSTIN — Greg Abbott was sworn in Tuesday as Texas’ first new governor in 14 years and promised that the state will stay as defiantly conservative as ever — vowing to battle Washington on spending, regulation and any federal initiative “that uses the guise of fairness to rob us of our freedom.”

Perry strikes a moderate tone in farewell speech

AUSTIN — Rick Perry has been a reliable conservative as Texas’ longest-serving governor, becoming an early adopter of tea party values and leaving the state further to the right than when he took office in 2000.

Perry’s final address to Texas Legislature

AUSTIN -- Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Speaker Straus, members of the legislature: I appreciate this one final opportunity to speak to you, in the chamber where it all began for me, 30 years ago last week.

New Texas legislative session opens

AUSTIN — Texas legislators returned to work Tuesday without Gov. Rick Perry at the helm for the first time in 14 years, vowing to slash taxes and ease gun laws under new Republican leaders and facing little resistance to one of the most conservative agendas in the nation.

Gun advocates take up — and make — arms at Capitol

AUSTIN — As Texas lawmakers convened for the first day of the 2015 legislative session Tuesday, about a dozen activists carrying a variety of firearms gathered in front of the state Capitol to protest gun laws.

Two airlines targets of attempt to steal customers’ miles

DALLAS — Thieves with stolen usernames and passwords broke into customer accounts at American and United airlines and in some cases booked free trips or upgrades.

Haskell bookstore a literary rummager’s dream

HASKELL — What happens when a person walks through the front door?

Discussing ‘clear mandate,’ incoming lieutenant governor talks tax cuts

Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Patrick said he would act on a “clear mandate” from Texas voters as he unveiled an ambitious agenda Thursday that included tax cuts, education reform and more funding for border security and women’s health care.

FBI: Shooter at VA clinic was former employee

EL PASO — An Army veteran who fatally shot a psychologist at a West Texas veterans’ hospital before killing himself was a former clerk at the clinic and had threatened the doctor in 2013, the FBI said Wednesday.

The legacy of Rick Perry: Ushering in reform by stepping aside

Rick Perry’s first budget as governor in 2001 could have come from any Texas politician who talked tough on crime.

Governor proposes a toll road plan 'as big as Texas'

Rick Perry was just a year into his tenure as governor when he proposed the Trans-Texas Corridor, a massive 4,000-mile network of privately operated toll roads, railroad tracks and utility lines that would take 50 years to build.

Incoming Lt. Gov. Patrick vows tax relief despite oil prices

AUSTIN — Incoming Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Monday that an oil and gas industry slowdown won’t cause Republican leaders to shelve promises of serious tax relief despite plunging energy prices that are complicating the Texas budget outlook.

Compassion for immigrants, tempered by a broken system

When Gov. Rick Perry signed legislation in 2001 making Texas the first state where some undocumented immigrants could pay in-state college tuition rates, it signaled his acknowledgement that a population living in the shadows should be able to contribute to the state’s success.

History of flight in Texas comes to life in mural at Wichita Falls airport

WICHITA FALLS — Kim Ward has been lost before in the dreamy haze of Monet — the luminescent emerald green ponds, the water lilies bobbing along like landing pads for dragonflies.

‘Deal closer’ funds draw bipartisan concerns

When Gov. Rick Perry touts the strength of the Texas economy, he often cites a handful of nationally known companies with new or expanding footprints in Texas: Apple, Caterpillar, Facebook, Toyota.

Texas leads nation in refugee resettlements

AMARILLO — A new Thai and sushi restaurant sits on a busy corner, not far from the vast prairie that once epitomized Texas’ early cattle ranching days.

Governor battles with feds — and at home — over Medicaid, women’s health

During his 14 years in office, Gov. Rick Perry has championed private-market health care solutions and criticized public programs like Medicaid for being inefficient. He also has led the state’s fight against the Affordable Care Act, which he has criticized as federal overreach. But as he wages such battles, he has presided over a state with the highest rate of uninsured in the country.

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