• July 25, 2016


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Rulings may make voter ID laws presidential race nonfactors

AUSTIN — Federal courts have reined in strict voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin, while a legal battle continues to rage over North Carolina’s rules mandating showing identification at the polls — even after lawmakers there took pre-emptive steps to soften them. 

Texas voter identification law violates voting rights act, court rules

Texas’ voter identification law violates the U.S. law prohibiting racial discrimination in elections, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.  

Texas governor announces Police Protection Act

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott announced on Monday an effort to strengthen penalties for crimes committed against law enforcement officers – the Police Protection Act.

Saving for the future: Experts urge cities to bank water

Without proper planning, the city of San Antonio would have been up a creek without water in 2011 when a record-breaking drought wreaked havoc on much of Texas.

Hundreds mourn officer killed in Dallas

PLANO — A large U.S. flag hung from the ladders of two fire trucks as hundreds of mourners gathered for the funeral of Michael Krol, a Michigan native who moved to Dallas to become a police officer. 

Among France truck attack victims, father and son from Texas

HOUSTON — A man and his 11-year-old son from the Austin area were among the dozens of people killed during the truck attack in Nice, France, relatives said Friday. 

Father, son from Texas among France truck attack victims

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — An Austin-area father and son who were vacationing in Europe with their family are among the victims of the deadly truck attack in Nice, France, relatives said Friday.

Thousands gather to mourn, honor 3 slain officers in Dallas

DALLAS — Nearly a week after five officers were killed by a gunman in Dallas, memorial services for three of them drew thousands of mourners Wednesday. 

Harris County baby born with microcephaly is first Zika-affected infant in Texas

A baby boy born with microcephaly in Harris County is the first Zika-affected infant in Texas, the Texas Department of State Health Services announced Wednesday.  

America is weeping: Taking stock after 3 days of tragedy

NEW YORK — Can this really be America in 2016? 

Among Dallas victims: A newlywed, a veteran, parents

One slain officer was a newlywed. Another had survived multiple tours in Iraq, only to be killed back home in the U.S. A protester who doesn’t normally march was shot trying to shield her sons. 

Texas attorney general calls campus carry lawsuit an insult

AUSTIN — State Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling a federal lawsuit filed by three University of Texas professors seeking to block the “campus carry” law an insult to gun owners. 

Researchers’ findings factor into abortion ruling

AUSTIN — The biggest court ruling affirming U.S. abortion rights in a generation scolded Texas lawmakers for a lack of facts and vindicated Republicans’ wonky pest: a team of university researchers so prolific in their scrutiny of Texas women’s health laws that a state health official lost his job for collaborating with them. 

Texas reactions to Supreme Court immigration ruling mixed

The reactions across Texas varied from applause to frustration and disappointment following a deadlocked 4-4 Supreme Court decision Thursday afternoon that effectively blocked President Barack Obama’s immigration plan.

UNESCO leader condemns journalist’s killing

DALLAS — The head of a United Nations agency on Wednesday condemned the death of a freelance journalist in Texas whose body was found with a gunshot wound in the back yard of a home. 

Texas women and doctors nervously await arrival of Zika virus

Mimi Garcia recalls reading a string of news stories about the Zika virus, the mosquito-borne illness linked to birth defects spreading in Latin America, in late February and early March, around the time she learned she was pregnant with her second child.

Dallas police shoot man amid domestic disturbance at Love Field airport

DALLAS — A police officer shot and wounded a man Friday outside a Dallas airport after the man attacked a woman believed to be the mother of his children and then threatened the officer with large rocks, police said. 

Teen indicted on murder charge in UT killing

AUSTIN — A 17-year-old runaway from Texas’ foster care system has been indicted on a capital murder charge in the death of a University of Texas freshman who disappeared as she walked toward her dorm in April. 

Uncertainty leaves Baylor in danger of slipping back

Enveloped by uncertainty, Baylor football is facing the possibility of a lost season, NCAA sanctions and the program slipping back toward the losing ways that predated Art Briles’ tenure as coach. 

Amid reports of Starr’s firing, Baylor says expect an announcement soon

Amid reports that Kenneth Starr, Baylor University’s high-profile president, was fired Tuesday morning over a scandal related to the university’s response to sexual assault allegations against football players, university officials said they expect to announce the results of an internal inquiry by June 3. They declined to directly address Starr’s future.

Texas Supreme Court upholds state's school funding formula

DALLAS (AP) — Texas' complicated school finance system is constitutional, the state Supreme Court unanimously ruled Friday — a surprise defeat for the 600-plus school districts that endured more than four years of costly legal battles hoping judges would force the Republican-controlled Legislature to fork over more funding.

Educators: Texas schools shouldn’t be rated on 2016 STAAR tests

This year’s STAAR testing scores should not be used to rate schools or determine whether a student should graduate or advance to the next grade, the head of the Texas Association of School Administrators wrote in a letter to Education Commissioner Mike Morath this week that outlined widespread problems with how this spring’s tests were delivered, scored and administered.

Fire that triggered 2013 Texas blast was deliberately set, government officials say

DALLAS — Someone deliberately started the fire that triggered the fatal explosion in West, Texas, three years ago, government investigators announced Wednesday.

Mosquito season brings no urgency for money to fight Zika

WASHINGTON — The White House and Democrats are pressuring congressional Republicans to act on President Barack Obama’s demands for money to combat Zika, but even the onset of mosquito season that probably will spread the virus has failed to create a sense of urgency. 

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