By Candace Birkelbach

Killeen Daily Herald

Central Texas College is making plans for several new buildings and a few smaller projects to be completed within the next few years.

Projects that the college hopes to complete by summer include a new canopy in front of the administration building, pipes for a water tower and a building on Fort Hood.

Projects expected to be completed over the next few years include a new nursing building, renovation of the student center and a building on Fort Hood.

Student center

The most important and difficult project will be the remodeling of the student center, CTC Chancellor James Anderson said.

The college plans to turn the student center into a food service center and a facility for the culinary arts department to use, Anderson said. The student center has a cafeteria on its first floor, but it needs to be expanded in order to feed the students who reside in campus dormitories.

The second floor, which contains games and a lounge area, will remain the same, Anderson said.

Meanwhile, a new student center will be built on newly acquired land, south of the current facility.

CTC acquired a strip of land last August that had divided the campus. The land was given to CTC as part of a land swap with Fort Hood.

CTC traded a 158-acre piece of land it owned in Gatesville with Fort Hood to receive a 40-acre strip of land that will now unify the campus.

While the acreage sizes of the two properties are not equal, the switch is an even dollar exchange, officials said.

A new road will be built to access the new student center. Anderson said he hopes to have some type of pedestrian connection to the new center.

The first floor of the new center will house the student bookstore, and the second floor will have a new boardroom.

The project is expected to be completed in spring 2010, and the estimated cost is $15 million.

Nursing building

A new nursing building is also in the works for CTC. The current nursing and science building will be converted to a different use, Anderson said.

The college has a schematic design for the building, which is expected to be completed in 2010. The facility will be about 40,000 square feet.

The new structure will be built on the hill of CTC's campus, adjacent to the Tarleton State University-Central Texas campus. Tarleton is leasing a section of that area to house a temporary modular facility.

Tarleton will occupy some of the area of the second floor of the new nursing building. By that time, Tarleton's three-year lease of the land will be up, and the temporary building will be removed, Anderson said.

He said the building is needed because nursing students require a specific type of classroom.

Metroplex Hospital will lease a portion of the new nursing building in order to help train nurses. Metroplex will use the space for educational classrooms, medical offices for new physicians and offices for non-essential departments in the hospital, said Susan Kolodziejczyk, executive director of community relations for Metroplex.

Fort Hood building

Another building the college is working on will be adjacent to the current CTC facility near 72nd and Battalion on Fort Hood. The building is expected to open by summer 2010. Anderson said it will help expand CTC's physical presence on Fort Hood.

The structure will be about 30,000 square feet. Tarleton will use about 5,000 square feet of this building as well.


Anderson said a portico covering is needed because rain comes in through the front doors of the administration building. The portico will extend the roof of the building to cover the stairs at the entrance of the administration building.

Water tower

CTC is also working on a water tower project behind the school's gym. Anderson said the tower is necessary for fire suppression because there is not enough pressure on the hill for pipes coming in from Copperas Cove.

Ditches will need to be dug for an in-ground pump station. The project's expected completion is this summer, and it will cost about $2 million.

Welcome sign

An electronic welcome sign will be visible to traffic coming in on Bell Tower Road. The sign will inform people about news and upcoming events at the school. The estimated cost is $200,000.

CTC has put aside money for the projects, Anderson said. They will cost local taypayers nothing.

Anderson said there is always need for modernization, and CTC is at a time when it needs it.

"Things just get old," he said.

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