Defense attorneys representing many of those jailed for the Twin Peaks shooting in Waco said law enforcement officials in McLennan County are overseeing an unprecedented and unlawful mass arrest of innocent bikers as more were released Monday at the behest of their attorneys.

Killeen residents Justin Nash Waddington, Ester Sandy Weaver, Walter Thomas Weaver and Zebulon Harris; Colter Bajovich and Ronald Atterbury, both of Gatesville; Daryle Walker of Harker Heights and Glenn Walker of Copperas Cove are among those in the McLennan County Jail on charges of engaging in organized crime. Each is being held on a $1 million bond. | 254-501-7552​

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Cry me a River Ester!
Lets see, You watched "Sons of Arthritis", thought putting a patch on your back and do a mud check with dominate motorcycle club would be COOL!
Now you cry because the Popo was tight on you and your husband.

If you want to be an Outlaw, then pay the price!
Your cookie cooking days are over as long as you want to act like something your not.
Make your decision, and stick to it, or crawl into a life of swinging on a porch or wash your car and wait for it to rust!

The Bottom line is if you stand behind something stand and don't whine about trying to be an Outlaw.


Waco....congratulations on putting your city in the middle of a massive civil rights lawsuit. You will pay big time for what was done to these innocent folks. And further, the ballistics will most likely prove that all the "murders" were committed by cops. I'm not anti cop but this incident is pause for reconsideration of some of those in uniform. Massive cover up will be identified and those who have participated will be punished or imprissoned.

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