By Jimmie Ferguson

Killeen Daily Herald

The now 2-year-old Belton girl who underwent a four-organ transplant more than a year ago is back in the hospital, her father said Monday.

"She is going from four holes in her tummy down to two holes," said Rob Pisciotta, referring to his daughter, Haelie Marie Pisciotta, who returned Saturday to The Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, the baby had her liver, small and large intestines and pancreas replaced July 17, 2005.

Haelie; her mother, Kellie Pisciotta; and her 4-year-old sister, McKenzie, departed Belton on Friday and arrived in Cincinnati at 9 p.m. Saturday, said Rob Pisciotta, adding they will fly out Wednesday.

Haelie will undergo the eight-hour surgery Thursday morning, her father said.

"Following the surgery, we will be able to start to feed her or teach her to eat," Pisciotta said. "This will take a long process."

Pisciotta said in about two years from now, the doctors will close the other two holes.

Haelie was born Sept. 12, 2004, with mega cystis-microcolon-intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome, a very rare medical condition, in which the smooth muscle within her gastrointestinal system does not absorb nutrients.

The baby returned to her Belton home on April 7 – 8 months after the transplant surgery. While at home, Haelie was taken twice to an undisclosed local hospital with complications.

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